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Omaha – We Don’t Coast

Companies, tiny to titan, flourish here – from the neighborhood mom & pop to the Fortune 500s known around the world. We embrace entrepreneurs, cultivate innovation and let imagination run free.

This is no flyover country – prepare to land.

A region that excels at exceeding expectations.

960,709 population

Characterized by steady growth, we’ve expanded by 7 percent between 2010 and 2016, growing 2 percent more than the nation 1.

  • OMA: 6.52%
  • U.S.: 4.66%

Median age: 35.2

More than 40 percent of our population is 24 years of age or younger. 2

We make more – and pay less.

Our low cost of living and competitive wages create a spending power of $50,481 – 14.9% above nation’s ($43,925) 3.

Our steady economic growth is the envy of the nation.

We’ve added almost 31,000 jobs 4 – twice as much as the national average 5 over the past 10 years

  • (OMA: 7.1% vs. U.S.: 3.7%)

Greater Omaha produces more than $47 billion in goods and services each year 6.

Outpaced the nation in economic growth for the past 3 years in 6:

  • Professional & Business Services: Increased 14.6% vs 9.2%
  • Finance & Insurance: Increased 14.7% vs 3.8%
  • Transportation & Warehousing: 0.4% vs -1.1%

Our Information industry is booming with a $173M increase over the last two years

Our entrepreneurs are more successful – earning an income that’s twice as high as the national average 7.

  • $62,665 (Omaha) vs $31,448 (US)

Companies, tiny to titan, flourish here.

From our strong business climate, to our first-class resources, we’re proud to cultivate an environment ideally suited for companies wishing to start, grow or expand operations.

Fortune 500

  • Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (#2)
  • Union Pacific Railroad (#143)
  • Peter Kiewit Sons’ Inc. (#324)
  • Mutual of Omaha (#342)

Fortune 1000

  • TD Ameritrade (#674)
  • Green Plains Inc. (#662)
  • Valmont Industries (#804)
  • West Corporation (#864)
  • Werner Enterprises (#934)

Anchor Companies

  • Conagra Brands
  • Facebook
  • First Data
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Novozymes
  • PayPal
  • Verizon Media

We work hard to keep the business climate friendly and taxes moderate.

Our cost of doing business is 6.1 percent below the national average 8.


Electricity 9

Compared to the national average, Nebraska-Iowa rates:

  • Commercial: 12.1% below
  • Industrial: 2.1% above
Green Energy Solutions
  • MidAmerican Energy: #1 in the nation for ownership of wind powered electric generation
  • OPPD will be 75 percent carbon free by 2023
Natural gas 10
  • Commercial: 22.6% below national average
  • Industrial: 20.5% above


71.9 Total Tax Index puts us nearly 30 percent below the national average (KPMG, Focus on Tax 2016)

Competitive state and local incentive programs

Top States for Business 11

  • NE: #3
  • Iowa: #14

Savvy, Sophisticated Talent.

Our population not only possesses the education and qualities employers are looking for, but encompasses the Midwest work ethic simply part of the fabric of our region.

More than 91 percent of adults 18 years and older are high school graduates, compared to the national average of 88 percent.

More than 35 percent of Greater Omaha’s workforce (25 – 60) possess a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to the national average of 31 percent. 12

America’s Top States to get an Education 13

  • #5 Nebraska
  • #9 Iowa

Omaha’s workforce is more productive

  • Producing $4,000 more goods and services than the average worker 14
  • Omaha: $57,334 vs U.S.: $52,896
  • (Productivity has increased/grown) Twice as fast when compared to the nation

A Key Transportation Hub

We’re served by a ring of interstate highways, railroads, motor freight, air and river transportation. Reach your destination in 2- 3 days with easy access to I-80 and I-29

Major Rail Centers

  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe
  • Canadian National Railway Company
  • Union Pacific Railroad

Direct Flights

28 direct flights including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Washington, D.C.

Barge Traffic

Barge traffic can navigate the Missouri River 10 months of the year

We’re Only as Boring as You Are.

We soak up a dynamic slate of entertainment that showcase the sights, sounds, creativity – and tastes – that typify our community. Affordable housing, great schools and universities, innovative hospitals and medical centers encompass all of the indispensable elements you need to flourish.

See We Don’t Coast to learn more!

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This is no flyover city. Prepare to land.

Enthusiastic, full living with serious cool factor.

We chose to be in the center – see why.


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