The One Thing to Know About Omaha Right Now: We Care

If you lend a hand to help others, you’re in good company. One in four Americans volunteers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In fact, Greater Omaha, you’ve got the goods on some of the “giving-est” go-getters in the U.S., donating more than $7 million in 2018 to Omaha Gives! alone. Here in the heartland, we don’t coast; we care.

Maybe that’s why one of Greater Omaha’s newest nonprofits, SHARE Omaha, launched with such enthusiasm in January. The organization, which offers volunteers immediate connections to area nonprofits, makes getting involved (sharing time, talent and treasure) easy.

That same celebration of sharing also elevated our region’s 2018 economy – creating an all-in attitude when it came to hard work, grit and inspired innovation. The result: More than $1.4 billion in 2018 capital investment reported by the Greater Omaha Chamber, and echoed regionally by Silicon Prairie News.

Fueling the good-news fire: people, and lots of them – all accomplishing more together in a region Fortune magazine ranks as No. 5 Where Employees are the Happiest.

Plus, it’s no secret, research says those same “happy” employees often experience elevated engagement at their organizations, and Mutual of Omaha, is connecting internal teams to do just that, with Innovation Day, an opportunity to uplift original ideas and catalyze change.

On the home front, iHeartYourHouse is catalyzing how home conversions are handled with an app that connects home-buying hopefuls with the house of their dreams – before a domicile hits the market. One of The Startup Collaborative’s fellow-founded endeavors, iHeartYourHouse is edging upward, creating a renaissance in how homes change hearts…and hands.

For those who feel right at home putting their hands in the air for excellent organizations, the Business Excellence Awards are just for you. Know an outstanding organization? Nominate them now, and get set to elevate and inspire.

Of course, you already know a thing or two about inspiration, Greater Omaha. You’re the 2018 No. 1 best metro area for millennials, and home to bridge named “Bob” with a plucky personality.

Now whether you plan to slip on snow boots for a quick trek between two states across Bob the Bridge, or aspire to slide into The Capitol District’s ice rink, know that you, Greater Omaha are as fanciful as frost on a Midtown Crossing window, and as unique as the okapi at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. You’re the heartbeat of the heartland, and this city pulses with your passion.

Go get ‘em, Greater Omaha!

Jill Bruckner, communications/PR Manager, Greater Omaha Chamber

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