Back in 2009 Andrea Kathol was working as a graduate assistant in the City Planning Department and for a real estate non-profit in Council Bluffs when she was approached by an architecture firm that had clients who desperately needed her services. 

It was an entrepreneurial adventure she wasn’t expecting, but she jumped in and never looked back. One year later, Field Day Development was born.

Field Day Development is a real estate development consulting firm that helps people who are not real estate experts manage their projects.

“We know how to guide you from concept, through construction, and into operations—on time, in budget, and with ease.” 

Andrea’s experience in real estate development, financing, project management and community development is profound. For more than 16 years, she has been responsible for transformational projects, which have blended progress with preservation.

But, as a female in a male-dominated industry she’s never once flinched or backed down from trying to achieve success. Andrea embraces her clients’ needs to create amazing and unique spaces for people to gather, engage, and become neighbors again. She restores life into old buildings and develops welcoming new structures to help revitalize forgotten neighborhoods.

Field Day Development has an authentic commitment to their clients, neighborhoods and activating positive change in communities they serve.

While all of that is certainly impressive, the more you learn about Andrea the more you realize she’s an incredibly involved, interesting and inspiring individual. Here’s just some of the cool things she’s known for:

  • She went to bomb school in the Army
  • She works to provide opportunities for women and people of color
  • She serves on the Spark CDI board of directors and is known to load up a truck of supplies for people in need during difficult times
  • In 2019, she was recognized for her community and industry leadership at the Women’s Center for Advancement Tribute to Women event
  • She’s also the proud owner of a Volkswagen bus and takes family and friends on frequent rides.

Hey Andrea, let’s hang out!

Winning Insights from Our Winner:


Cultivating a Strong Company Culture

Field Day Development is grounded in their commitment to fostering a shared purpose, values, mindset, and behaviors. This is visible in all relationships – colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders.

“Projects and activities are delegated to maximize employee strengths with opportunities to develop other skills, said Andrea. “Expectations are clear, autonomy over projects is given, necessary resources are provided, constructive feedback is shared, mistakes are acknowledged and learned from, and success is celebrated.”

“By empowering our staff, we’ve built a team of knowledgeable professionals who take initiative and use their skills to solve problems, innovate, and help the company achieve a common goal.”

The Value of Chamber Involvement

“The overarching work of the Chamber helps our Omaha community while also supporting our collective business community through initiatives like the 2040 project which provides a long-range plan to attract and retain high skilled talent. Also, the ConnectGO and CODE programs help make our community a better place to do business.”

Giving Back to the Community

“Whenever we work with a nonprofit, we see our partnership as an investment in their business as well as the community in which they serve. Once a project is over, we continue our investment through charitable donations, sponsorship, and advocacy.

“Additionally, our staff participates in quarterly volunteer engagement opportunities with various nonprofits, adopts a family during the holiday season, and is encouraged to serve on local nonprofit boards.”

Overall Operating Philosophy

“Field Day Development prides itself on outstanding client focus. We believe in providing a high-quality service with full transparency. We anticipate needs, think outside the box, and always do the right thing. Working with clients on a shared goal and seeing it come to fruition is what drives us to do what we do every day.”

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