When a self-described “energy fanatic,” who also happens to be equally fanatical about customer service, starts an energy company, the impending result is certain to set a new standard.

And that’s exactly what happened when John M. Jachym (the aforementioned fanatic) and his business partner, James Craft, opened up CommTech Global in Elkhorn, Nebraska back in 2017.

“The idea of CommTech Global was generated by a lack of skilled technical experience that most clients were struggling to find,” Jachym said. “We respect each and every opportunity we receive, and follow through on all promises.”

As a leading provider of professional and reliable commissioning services to customers in all realms of the energy industry, CommTech Global believes their dedication and commitment to quality is what makes them truly unique.

“Our attention to detail is superior and applicable in everything we do,” said Senior Panel Assembly Technician Angel Gonzalez. “We have extremely high standards. No detail is overlooked. We are accurate, fast and save the company money, time and headaches.”

But what was once a small shop, has now expanded into three Omaha-metro locations, a shop in Wahoo, Nebraska, and an office in Pratt, Kansas. Fueling this growth is an enthusiastic team of employees who bring an “all-in” mindset to their jobs each and every day.

“We all feel we are connected to the success of CommTech Global,” said Kristine Rohwer, Marketing Communications Specialist. “We’re excited to see the company grow, we have fun at work, and we like what we do!”

Winning Insights from Our Winner:

Providing Excellent Customer Service

“Our core values are to put the customer first, with a positive outlook and eager-to-help attitude that’s also deadline driven,” said Rohwer.

“I believe we go above and beyond what most companies do,” said Gonzalez. “We care about our clients and the customers they serve. We match our requirements to UL certification. We meet electrical engineering standards. We are constantly raising the bar.”

Best Practice Tip

“Company culture is critical! Our core values include putting the customer first, innovating, fostering teamwork, and exuding passion. And adhering to these values allows for growth and innovation across all energy platforms, including renewable sources like wind and solar energy. And as the company grows through our reputation of excellent work and exemplary team of employees, so does our ability to meet the high demand of today’s energy market.

The Value of Chamber Involvement

“We have gained so much knowledge, and the resources at hand are amazing. Whether we are attending a New Members introduction Zoom, or informative webinar, every interaction with the Omaha Chamber has been positive and inspiring. Plus, we can’t wait to participate in the Prosper 2.0 capital campaign and see how these investments will improve our great city!”

Overall Operating Philosophy

“Team, team, team! We believe in treating employees like family,” Jachym said. “We create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a healthy and manageable work-life balance. It sounds trite, but if employees are happy, the business will be successful!”

“Each employee is told how vital they are to our success; every birthday and anniversary is celebrated. We eat a lot of cake! Employee appreciation is profoundly prevalent at CommTech Global.”

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