What do you get when two creative prodigies, one a natural born storyteller, the other a self-taught graphic designer, join forces? You get Stable Gray, Inc. – a creative agency founded in 2015 by CharDale Barnes and Theardis “Teddy” Young to help small and growing businesses build strong brands at competitive prices.

“Stable Gray, Inc. delivers everything from state-of-the-art websites and FAA-certified drone services, to managing social media accounts and year-round marketing campaigns,” said Barnes. “We serve as a brand translator for our clients, using our passion and empathy to build strong consumer relationships.”

Stable Gray strives to straddle the line between large companies with unlimited marketing budgets and budget-conscious small businesses. And judging by the long and continuously growing client list, Barnes and Young are very good at what they do.

Equally important, though, is their connection to the North Omaha community. “Each year, we donate to Abide and Bridge Church in an effort to push forward the mission to eliminate the inner city.”

While Young serves on the board and creative team at Bridge Church, Barnes teaches web development and software database development through the StepUp! Program at Empowerment Network.

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Winning Insights from Our Winner:

Providing Excellent Customer Service

“We’ve learned over the years that customers are rarely buying what you’re selling,” Barnes said. “They’re buying from you in hopes to have a certain experience. So, when you maintain a high level of customer service, it inevitably leads to a much more effective outcome for your client.”

Best Practice Tip

“No matter what business you’re in, you have to deliver. You HAVE to. Your customer is spending money with you to solve a problem and if that problem isn’t solved, they leave disappointed. Always deliver what brings them closer to their solution.

Fostering a Strong Company Culture

“We’ve grown from just two individuals to now over 10. Our team meetings often come with free meals and snacks. Suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. And company merch and swag is given to everyone on the team as a token of appreciation for their service. But most importantly, we empower everyone on our team to see themselves as leaders. This is key to company growth.”

The Value of Chamber Involvement

“Being a member of the Greater Omaha Chamber has helped us grow brand awareness, credibility and our network. Through Chamber events and email, our company has found new leads and referrals that have translated into growth opportunities. Plus, the personal connections made through the Chamber brings everyone a step closer to trust, which ultimately leads to more business.”

Overall Operating Philosophy

“It all starts with our 4 marketing pillars: empathy; credibility; capacity; virality,” Barnes said. “Without these, our customers aren’t being serviced very well. In the day-to-day operations it means driving buy-in from employees to use the recommended tools that make our company the most efficient it can be. Stable Gray believes the future of all business will not be defined by skills or knowledge, but by software and processes that drive the best customer experience.”

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