Back in 2012, if you had asked Bob Nelson and Mike Murphy to describe the world of insurance, investments, and financial planning they would have said one word (probably in unison):


And, they were dead-set on simplifying it.

That was the impetus behind Nelson and Murphy Insurance and Investments, LLC (NMII).

“There is information overload in today’s world,” said Bob Nelson. “So, simplifying and educating clients on their unique financial choices is our highest priority. They need insights and that’s what we deliver.”

“’We Simplify Financial Planning’ is more than a tagline to us; it is how we make customer experiences less frightening and less confusing.”

While that mission is certainly grandiose, it’s their commitment to the little things that truly distinguishes their client services.

“Our clients are given access to everyone’s direct phone line and our objective is to respond to client communications the same day we receive them,” said Nelson. “We seek to understand each customer as an individual through candid conversations and really listening to their goals and ambitions.”

And while building strong, genuine client relationships is paramount to their business, the same level of personal connectiveness forms the basis of their workplace culture.

“The core of our culture is ‘family first’,” said Nelson. “We support one another both inside the office and in our personal lives. If you walk into our office, you’re likely to hear laughter and feel a relaxed environment. This atmosphere allows us to meet the challenges in our daily work while also enjoying each other’s company and support.”

“We are driven by a personal commitment to our clients and ourselves to provide the very best. When we do that, everyone wins.”

Winning Insights from Our Winner:

Best Practice Tip for Small Business Owners

“Always deliver on the little things because over time, they can make a powerful difference. A simple practice we follow is to state a time when a client can expect an answer on an issue, and then we always keep that promise. Call it what you want: respect, trust, confidence, or even timeliness – they are all interrelated in what we do daily.”

The Value of Chamber Involvement

“For starters, I worked for the Chamber in the mail room while going to UNO back in the mid 1960’s. From early age, I recognized the value the chamber provided on many levels. Today, the Chamber has great leadership and a professional staff that keeps our businesses informed, lobbies on our behalf, and offers support. We see our membership as essential to help the chamber be able to do what we alone cannot do.”

Giving Back to the Community

Omaha pride is a staple of the NMII culture and they’ve been committed to giving back to the community for decades. Mike received the Omaha Association of Insurance and Financial Advisor’s Community Service Award for his leadership on more than six local non-profit boards. While, Bob, on the other hand, has been inducted into 5 different “Halls of Fame” within business and local civic organizations. As a team, they contribute through community leadership, volunteerism, fundraising and charity events.

Exceptional Customer Service

“NMII is honored to help improve the lives of our customers through trust, listening, and clear communications which creates a positive customer experience. Our belief is a combination of ‘little things’ that really are not so little or common. We graciously give our clients access to everyone’s direct phone line and our objective is to respond to their communications the same day we receive them.”

Overall Operating Philosophy

“NMII’s operating philosophy is to constantly improve our pricing models to benefit the client with low-cost investments and exceptional client services. Same-day answers, polite and friendly attitudes, and state of the art technology all contribute to our operating efficiencies. And yet, at the end of the day, it is always trust and performance that keeps our clients working with us.”

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