In many ways, Susan Ann Koenig could be a character ripped from the pages of a best-selling John Grisham novel. Utterly fearless, she’s a champion for the powerless and resolute in her pursuit to provide justice for the most vulnerable among us.

Back when she started her own law firm in 1983, she felt an intrinsic need to serve her community. But, as her case load grew, so did the firm’s reputation for its zealous advocacy for abused and neglected children, indigent defendants and political asylum refugees.

This unyielding passion is succinctly captured in the firm’s brand promise:

We will hear you, see you and stand by you

Years later, while giving a lecture on domestic violence, Susan crossed paths with Angela Dunne, who was a student at the University of Nebraska College of Law. Angela immediately connected with Susan’s passion for service and within weeks, joined the firm not knowing she’d eventually become managing partner.

Eventually, Koenig | Dunne transitioned to divorce law.

“When people hear that we do divorce they say, ‘Your work must be so hard,” Koenig said. “But for our team, supporting our courageous clients is inspirational.”

“We do this work because its work we know matters.”

And their work also matters to the legal world outside of Nebraska. They’ve written hundreds of blogs and even a book about the process of divorce in Nebraska that’s been replicated in 25 states.

“We’ve had a lot of big wins for our clients over the years, like historic Nebraska Supreme Court victories in landmark cases. But our sweetest successes have been in supporting our clients with excellent advocacy to empower them to move forward stronger.”

Winning Insights from Our Winner:

Providing an Excellent Customer Experience

“We have a dedicated Client Services Manager who establishes relationships before potential clients set foot in our building,” Koenig said. “We strive to create an inviting setting and make potential clients comfortable and empowered.”

Empowering Others and Helping Them Grow and Succeed

“Each employee receives a free monthly life coaching session to work on professional and personal goals. Plus, they have an annual one-on-one professional development review with the managing partner where they set goals for the year to come and evaluate where they would like to see their career, responsibilities and position progress. We encourage growth, creativity, and idea sharing from all employees throughout the year in various committee meetings as well.”

Best Practice Tip

“Establish a mission statement to abide by. Revisit it often and stick to it. We have a mission statement, vision statement, a brand promise and our core values identified and top of mind for all team members.”

The Value of Chamber Involvement

“Three of our attorneys have participated in the Leadership Omaha program. We find that it’s beneficial for our members to take part in, while continuing our service to the community. Additionally, we have enjoyed the networking opportunities, as well as being able to tap into the business-to-business resources.”

Impacting the Community

Long a supporter of the LGBTQ community, Koenig | Dunne has participated and contributed to Heartland Pride and The Nebraska AIDs Project’s annual Night of 1000 Stars Fundraiser. They also provide a NEXT Empowerment Series to the community to empower women as they journey through life’s different transitions.

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