By: Laurie Pieper, Human Resources Director, Greater Omaha Chamber

Fresh. Atmosphere. View. Windows. All words that describe the thoughts of our Chamber family as we anticipate the big move from our comfortable surroundings at 1301 Harney to our brand spanking new digs at 808 Conagra Drive.

For the past two years, we have imagined the look and feel of this new workplace – and in just seven short weeks, we’ll call it home.

As a person who wakes up every day with the goal of making our Chamber the most awesome place to work in Greater Omaha, I can tell you that I am absolutely ecstatic about where we are headed. I have spent the past several weeks talking with my colleagues in other organizations like ours (those that have healthy, positive, engaged, high-energy workplaces) that have moved entire teams from one location to another. I asked what they did to ensure they didn’t miss a beat when it came to ensuring their culture didn’t suffer from the move. Their responses:

“Ask employees what they want in a new workplace.”

“Engage employees in the process.”

“Communicate regularly about the progress.”

All things we were already doing! It feels good to know we’re headed in the right direction, with strong, compassionate leaders, and colleagues and friends that care about each other as family.

I am really excited that we’ll be in the new space just in time for us to experience spring. And, I love that the social and wellness teams are already making plans for us to get outside and become better acquainted with our surroundings. So much to look forward to!

This new location will allow us to be even more effective in serving you and our region. We can’t wait to show you, our members, the new space. More details on that coming later!