The team at Carlson West Povondra (CWP) Architects has earned the admiration of Chuck Olson, CEO of OCI Insurance and Financial Services – so much so that he nominated the firm for recognition as our March Small Business of the Month. Olson knows the quality of CWP Architects’ work – the new OCI building near 204th and W. Maple Rd. is the latest addition to the firm’s portfolio.

“CWP Architects understands that their client’s needs are unique and of paramount importance. It is their job to identify those needs and satisfy them through thoughtful design solutions,” Olson wrote.

Established in 1987, Carlson West Povondra Architects’ impact on the built environment encompasses more than three decades of work in commercial, educational, civic/community, recreational, healthcare, senior and supportive housing, and spiritual architecture. Employee-owned, it prioritizes a collaborative work environment, encouraging creativity and fostering open communication between its diverse staff of architects, design professionals and construction specialists.

“The firm’s culture is one built on strong work ethic, a positive office environment and employee ownership, which, together, contributes to the steady growth in their professional staff. They encourage future leadership from within and have been able to attract and retain strong, reliable team members,” Olson wrote. “Even with the unexpected death of a key principal of the firm in 2018, CWP Architects has continued to move forward in meeting their objectives. This is a key indicator of a company that is built for continued growth. To experience the devastation of major loss – and yet continue the legacy that the firm foresaw – is a true testament to the leadership as well as the total workforce this company has.”

Olson continued, “I can think of no other company that has achieved so much in the last couple of years. CWP Architects is truly a great example of the type of company that the Omaha Chamber should recognize.”

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