Omaha, NE., January 26, 2022 – The Greater Omaha Chamber joined the City of Omaha today in launching a streetcar project serving Omaha’s metropolitan center. This critical transportation investment sets the table for increased mobility, development and density of the region’s urban core.

The Greater Omaha Chamber also applauds Mutual of Omaha’s intention of developing a headquarters location to anchor Omaha’s vibrant downtown. Having one of our most recognized corporate citizens located at the head of the exciting reimagining of the Riverfront Park is an ideal situation for Omaha.

“With these announcements, the face of Omaha is changing and continuing to position us as one of the great cities of America. Modern public transportation and headquarters investments  in our urban core are key components of our growth as a metro,” said David Brown, President and CEO for the Greater Omaha Chamber, “This is the kind of collaboration and outcomes that will lead to our shared Omaha 2040 vision, attracting talent and business for the next generation and beyond.”

modern street car traveling through an urban cityscapeThe Greater Omaha Chamber built a foundation for these additions through the work of ConnectGO and other Chamber programs. ConnectGO, launched in 2019, is a transportation initiative focused on crafting a long-term strategy for building a fully integrated, multi-modal transportation strategy. In the summer of 2021, ConnectGO released their 10+M transportation recommendations, including the need for a streetcar mobility system in the urban core.

“The streetcar is uniquely suited to shape development in our region’s urban core to produce a more vibrant, livable area,” said Stephen Osberg, Director of Transportation and Urban Development for the Chamber. “The project is a top priority of ConnectGO and a critical component of our broader regional transportation vision, which was developed through extensive community input.”

“Communities succeed when individuals and businesses can flourish. With the development of the streetcar, Omaha is offering businesses and their patrons a whole new level of access and opportunity,” said Mickey Anderson, President and CEO at Baxter Auto Group, Chairman of the Greater Omaha Chamber Board, “Investments like this make our city an even more inviting place to live and do business.”

Mutual of Omaha’s new headquarters is projected to have a vastly positive economic influence on the city of Omaha. Among other aspects, this project is estimated to have the following impacts:

  • During the year of construction, the $400 million in construction activity helps support 3,733 jobs in the construction industry and an additional 1,809 jobs in the community based on the increased economic activity.
  • The economic activity generated by the project adds about $728 million to the local economy during construction.
  • Includes activity directly related to the company’s operations and associated “spillover” activity.
  • The 4,000 existing long-term jobs at the project help support an additional 4,900 workers in Omaha.
  • Additional workers include real estate, restaurants, business support services, etc.
  • The Omaha economy sees a boost to earnings of over $308.8 million for jobs directly related to the construction of the project, additional business-to-business spending, and additional household spending.

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