Omaha, NE., February 01, 2022 – The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce announced today the successful results of their premier workforce development programs: The Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity and Equity (CODE), and the Greater Omaha Worklab (GROW).

Greater Omaha garnered headlines across the region for its nation-low unemployment. However, this achievement also placed the spotlight firmly on challenges around talent availability.

“We had a goal for 2021: Grow, recruit and retain the talent needed for the future.” said Todd Johnson, Senior Vice President of Economic Development Services for the Greater Omaha Chamber, “Because a healthy, vibrant community depends on a skilled and growing labor pool.”

The Greater Omaha Chamber’s Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity and Equity (CODE) grew their Employer Coalition to 99 members. This coalition is designed to help organizations on their DEI journeys, creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. In 2021, the Chamber focused on adding more engagement opportunities and creating materials to support these journals. The program also added an educational series to help individuals and organizations deepen their understanding of focused DEI topics.

The Greater Omaha Worklab (GROW), another workforce development program of the Greater Omaha Chamber, had a notable year. This program places Navigators in employer-client workplaces, providing independent, third-party assistance to employees. By the end of 2021, these Navigators met with 754 employees, providing resources and support that helped them handle their day-to-day challenges, organize their personal and professional lives, and pursue their dreams. This individual support keeps employees engaged and able to bring their whole self to work. This year, the Greater Omaha Chamber placed Navigators at ten employer-clients, expanding their total impact on the Omaha workforce.

“One of the solutions for a tight workforce is to keep retention high and support the individual,” said Chad Mares, Senior Director, Workforce Services and GrOW. “I’m proud of how we help people on a daily basis.”