Because being called a “best-kept secret” isn’t really a compliment…

It’s time to tell the world – with a unified voice – who we are, where we are and how we operate. Proudly. Authentically. Unapologetically.

We are a vibrant place to live and work, a region flowing with innovative businesses, a superior quality of life and a world-class workforce.

Our exciting, new brand was developed so we could use it across the region – in creative and fun ways – to share our story; positively communicate our character; and grow, retain and attract the business and talent we need to thrive.

Think of it as another tool in our economic development toolkit – something we’re going to use to elevate our community and, by extension, increase access to opportunity for everyone.


Why does Omaha need a brand?

By branding our region – by finding a unique, exciting, consistent way to tell our story and promote our attributes – we increase our ability to grow, retain and attract the business and talent we need to thrive. Furthermore, when people speak about our region, we’d like to help lead the conversation.

Is this a negative campaign against the coasts?

Of course not! We love our friends on the coasts. We Don’t Coast is an attitude, not a judgment. It’s also a play on our strong work ethic and a celebration of our central location (that happens to not have coasts). If it reminds people we are landlocked – good, because we are proud of it.

Isn't it bad to tell people we don't have coasts?

This is probably our most frequently asked question on social media… We really hope most people are well-aware that there aren’t oceans in the Greater Omaha area. And if they don’t, it might be a good thing to let them know for future reference. On the flip-side, we would like to tell people about the beautiful areas we do have.

Is this a negative campaign – period?

Don’t be fooled by the word “don’t.” We equate “We Don’t Coast” with saying no to drugs and not messing with Texas. In other words, we’re being positive in a non-traditional way. Plus, we complement We Don’t Coast with all of the other great things we do: We build. We launch. We Win…

Why is this centered around a slogan, rather than a Greater Omaha logo?

This was a unique branding challenge where we needed to represent 30+ communities plus have thousands of businesses, organizations and people take ownership in it. Rather than have a logo that competes with another logo, we worked on a slogan that an existing community could use to complement their own brand. The more partners we have with We Don’t Coast, the more beneficial it is to the region as a whole by furthering the strength of the perception we’re branding for this region.

Our company / organization / community would like to use the brand, how can we?

This brand was built to partner with companies/organizations/ communities within the 30+ communities. You can download the brand assets and guidelines on the Use page. It’s intended to be a positive celebration of our partners by starting the conversation with, “We Don’t Coast, we (insert the unique attribute of your company/organization/community).”

How does this help tourism?

True, our branding initiative is primarily focused on economic development, but telling our story in an authentic, unique and compelling way is naturally and inevitably going to draw an audience much broader than the businesses and workers we’re planning to attract. We look forward to piquing widespread interest in our community and attracting guests to our attractions – even if they’re not planning to stay permanently.

Who paid for this?

The branding initiative is funded by Prosper Omaha, the Greater Omaha Chamber’s five-year economic development campaign. Prosper Omaha, in turn, is funded by more than 200 donors committed to assisting Chamber efforts to drive growth of the region’s strong, diverse economy.

What’s next?

We let it live! As part of the Chamber’s Prosper Omaha economic development campaign, a strategy is in place to that will allow our authentic brand and corresponding brand story to serve its purpose across the region: telling the community’s story; positively communicating its character and quality of life; helping to grow, retain and attract business and talent on a national scale to the region. The more communities, organizations and individuals that support and utilize the new brand, the louder our voice – and the positive message it spreads – becomes. We hope you’ll join us in sharing our story — through your organization, in your community and across the country.