The 3rd Annual HIRE (Human Resources. Innovations. Retention. Engagement.) Conference is an opportunity for HR professionals to network, share ideas and connect with the talent acquisition community.

By Marjorie M. Maas, 2017 HIRE presenter & attendee

I was a fortunate attendee and presenter of the 2017 HIRE Conference. I’m still carrying the coffee tumbler souvenir on a near daily basis, and that should say something.

The conference was intentional with its booths, networking elements and sessions. The elements I got to take in were well-planned connection points with past colleagues and new acquaintances.

I particularly remember activities geared toward interactivity and opportunities to strike up conversation around our shared passion for Omaha, personal career paths and leveraging of talent for the improvement of so many sectors across the community.

Personally, I was fortunate enough to share what I do at my organization of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska to differentiate us in the marketplace by our means of improving society. My colleagues and I found it gratifying to meet so many professionals with a similar passion for our city and the work that can collectively be done to elevate others. This message was positively put forth in portions of the day by Gallup and an emphasis on strengths and their research related to the workplace. I always find their content meaningful, and the audience in attendance seemed well-poised to digest their findings.

I’m excited to go back, and I hope to tote this year’s souvenir as proudly.

HIRE Conference | Thursday, August 9

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