“When I saw the scale of Careerockit, I thought that’s something we should definitely be involved in.” – David Gnam, Facilities Coordinator, Hudl

Hudl, the area’s fast-growing and game-changing software company, was quick to get on board for Careerockit’s launch year. There was no doubt it would be back for year two.

“We try to do everything we can to reach out to schools. When I saw the scale of Careerockit, I thought that’s something we should definitely be involved in,” says David Gnam, a facilities coordinator at Hudl.

The inaugural Careerockit, held the first week of April 2017, brought business and education together to excite and inspire tomorrow’s workforce. All told, more than 8,000 students immersed in more than 10,000 career experiences, including tours, workshops and hands-on activities – direct exposure to the array of career opportunities awaiting them in Greater Omaha.

Hudl’s three-part career experience introduced students to the company’s user research component and actively engaged them in Hudl’s live tagging technology and innovative mobile apps, like Hudl Combine. The app allows athletes across the country to record their 40-yard dash, agility shuttle and more to calculate a Nike Football Rating.

“We set up a station outside where the kids could rotate through an agility test. One of the kids would be running it; another would have the iPhone and be filming it. The employees we had leading the session were the ones who developed that app.”

Gnam says Hudl will “definitely” participate in Careerockit again, and they’re not alone in the desire to build a Careerockit tradition. 100 percent of the businesses that answered a post-event survey said they were planning to re-engage in Careerockit next year – February 12-18, 2018.

“These are kids in high schools in this city right now. These can be potential employees,” Gnam says. “We need to create more of these moments to inspire these kids to look outside the box and see what they can do with their careers. It starts with giving kids experiences like these.”

Get your business on board by hosting a career experience.

Business sign-ups are underway! Visit Careerockit.com.

About Hudl

With more than 165,000 active teams and over 4 million unique users, Hudl is a leading software company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Founded by David Graff, Brian Kaiser and John Wirtz in 2006, Hudl now offers the tools to edit and share video, interact with stats, and create quality highlight reels for entertainment and recruiting purposes. The whole experience is available online, giving coaches and athletes secure access at home and on the go.