“You start and end every day in the bathroom, so why not make it nice?” At Re-Bath of the Heartland, they believe the experience you have in your bathroom shapes the first and last impressions of your day – and that every person deserves the bathroom of their dreams.

“We do all we can to make sure that philosophy can be a reality for our customers,” says Re-Bath general manager Matt Croteau. “A beautiful, clean, functional and relaxing bathroom promotes a healthier, stress-free life, and that’s worth something.”

Mark Evans purchased the local Re-Bath franchise in May of 2007. Over the last 12 years, under Croteau’s leadership, the company has grown into a multi-million dollar full bathroom remodel company. 

Winning Insights from Our May Winner:

  • Providing an Excellent Customer Experience

“We take contracting, which is the biggest headache for home owners and a reason for many divorces, and make it effortless,” Croteau says. “We take care of the entire bathroom remodel process from design all the way to installation. We are the project manager, contractor and sub-contractors all in one easy package. So, a job that would normally take weeks, we can cut down to just days.

Re-Bath also shows customer appreciation through personal touches, including hand-written notes and pre-and post-photo shoots.

  • Empowering Employees and Creating a Culture in which They Can Grow and Succeed

“Re-Bath of the Heartland is a family. We celebrate and promote positivism among every member of that family, whether their success is personal or business-related. We also believe that small successes are just as important as the big ones and deserve to be recognized.

“Beyond that, our management team does not believe in micromanagement. We give each employee the tools to find their way and bring value to the company in their own individual way. Fluidity in job duties and roles is a given here. We work as a team to make sure every customer is happy and every business need is addressed.”

  • Best Practice Tip

“Do everything with integrity. Don’t just do what you say you’re going to do, do it better. ‘Wow’ each and every customer. And, be honest with people, because even if you don’t end up winning their business, they will appreciate that you respected them enough to be honest.”

  • The Value of Chamber Involvement

“The Greater Omaha Chamber has allowed us to network with other local businesses in order to expand not only commercial business but also residential. The Chamber has facilitated other networks that have opened our eyes to things we can be doing differently within our own business to better our customer experience, our processes and business practices.”

  • Impacting the Community

“Every year, we partner with the MS Society and give away an accessibility bathroom to a chosen recipient with multiple sclerosis. These recipients have often lost some or all of the ability to bath/shower due to limited mobility. We come in and provide a solution to restore dignity and allow them to stay in their home longer. We also partner with Star 104.5 and the Salvation Army with a corporate sponsorship of Adopt-A-Family, and our Re-Bath employee family personally adopts a couple of families-in-need bringing joy during the Christmas season. Beyond that, we donate salvageable material from our remodel jobs to Habitat for Humanity.”

Want to learn more about Re-Bath of the Heartland? Check out the company’s website.

Many thanks to our generous sponsor!



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