Walter Duda – AVP – Agency Marketing, Physicians Mutual

When I signed up for the MindSet Leadership Series a couple of years ago, I had no idea it would be so valuable to me.

I am now an advocate for MindSet.

I encouraged Physicians Mutual to send other leaders through the training, and I’m pleased that an officer from our company has been in every MindSet Leadership Series session since I graduated from the program.

Dr. Hoogeveen was also the keynote for our national sales managers’ retreat. From the standing ovation that followed his 3-hour program on how to create a High-Performance Sales Culture, I’d say it was well received!

There is a good reason the Greater Omaha Chamber and HRAM have partnered with MindSet to sponsor this Series. Any organization looking to develop leaders, improve employee engagement and develop culture should consider this opportunity.

Bottom line: You won’t find better training on the topics of leadership and culture. And if you’re skeptical of my bold endorsement, just read the other testimonials on the MindSet website. Or find any of the hundreds of leaders who have experienced MindSet training. I’m confident you’ll hear similar, enthusiastic praise.

MindSet Leadership Series | Fall Session

Your playbook to be a “best place to work.”