Dear Greater Omaha Chamber Members:
We need your help to let our legislators know that you support LB 720!


The Chamber Board and our public policy team see in LB720 (the ImagiNE Nebraska Act) a significant opportunity to become more competitive leading to more business expansion and attraction, more jobs and more growth.

We are proud to give the ImagiNE Nebraska Act our full support, and we encourage YOU to do the same.

Nebraska’s current business incentives program is set to expire next year. With our relatively non-competitive tax structure, we count on state incentive programs to balance the playing field as we compete with other states for new investments.  Incentives help us win projects that otherwise would leave the state or never end up here in the first place. The ImagiNE Nebraska Act would do that by increasing the competitiveness of the current program, in part, by simplifying the tax credit process, increasing the Net Present Value of tax credits and increasing transparency.

The Chamber is proud to advocate for public policy issues that benefit our business community. Please join us in voicing your support for the ImagiNE Nebraska Act. Contact your Nebraska State Senator today!

David G. Brown
President and CEO, Greater Omaha Chamber

Public Policy Center

A pro-business climate is critical to the superior quality of life we enjoy in Greater Omaha. It allows us to attract new businesses to our community and expand the ones currently hiring, serving and producing. It allows us to grow.