Best. News. Always.

It’s a silver-lining world, nimble Members, and your agile business acumen makes for a contagiously optimistic outlook.

That’s right: Veracity and value are threaded throughout our community, reflecting your polished take on making things great.

Ushering in a high note of happiness was the Chamber’s annual Economic Outlook Luncheon, where regional survey data revealed 71 percent of CEOs expect 2019 sales revenue to increase over 2018 targets; while KETV’s David Earl captured economic-outlook remarks (from keynote speaker and Forbes’ publisher Rich Karlgaard) encouraging Greater Omaha to “embrace your entrepreneurs.”

Elevating the area continued with UNMC’s announcement of a new grant-funded study for treating graft versus host disease (GVHD) and UNO’s Mimi Boswell (College of Education) applauded spinal-cord-injury patient progress thanks to biomechanics research and collaboration.

Speaking of collaboration, Omaha Performing Arts announced an annual economic impact of almost $48 million, and the Durham Museum debuted Thomas D. Mangelsen’s “A Life in the Wild” November 19 – illustrating arts’ initiatives that engage all.

If art is absorbing, then it’s only natural the poetry of Fontenelle Forest takes an autumnal turn this time of year, carpeting the forest floor with the familiar crunch of fall foliage.

Thinking of taking a walk in the woods? Preview the Chamber’s online field trip showcasing a day of discovery in Fontenelle Forest’s 1,400-acre “quiet wild.”

Now, whether you plan to register right now for the Chamber’s annual no-cost, all-out, best-news-always Member Appreciation Holiday Open House November 29, or are in the mood for a Miracle on Farnam, know that you, Magnificent Members, are the celebrated advocates of this area.

Your investment in each other, your brave perseverance and relentless, passionate infusion of personality and heart uplift, inspire and advocate for a region that ascribes to this persistent truth: We are Greater Omaha; and, we are better together.

Go get ‘em, Chamber Members (and, welcome to our new members, too)!

by Jill Bruckner
Communications/PR Manager

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