Resources Available for Those Impacted

Historic flooding that began in Nebraska and Iowa mid-March, and now includes Northern Missouri, has caused unprecedented damage throughout cities, towns, suburbs and agricultural hubs across the middle U.S.

While the March 21 approval of Federal aid to Nebraska (where 77 of the state’s 93 counties were impacted by spring floods), will bring some relief, recovery efforts in Nebraska and Iowa have been bolstered by a host of resources* available to those most impacted by the storms.

Shelters, Health Resources, Website Resources:
Nebraska Emergency Management Agency – Flooding, How Do I Stay Safe?
Iowa Emergency Management Association
Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services

Relief Agencies Coordinating Repairs:
Midwest Crisis Cleanup

Public Flood Relief Donation Management Center:
UNMC, Nebraska Medicine, UNO

Travelers’ Information, Closures – Dial 511:
Nebraska Travelers System
Iowa DOT

Reconnecting Your Power Following a Flood:
OPPD Risks, Safety, Help

Resources for Businesses and Organizations Impacted by Flooding:
Greater Omaha Chamber/U.S. Chamber
Better Business Bureau
Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief for Individuals and Businesses
Business Plan Tip Sheet for Disaster Preparedness
Disaster Preparedness Guide: Is Your Business Ready for Anything?
Technology Plan Tip Sheet for Disaster Preparedness
5 Action Steps to Preparedness
Disaster Resilience Scorecard for Cities

Guidebooks and Handbooks
Flood Insurance Claims Handbook
Disaster Claims Process guide
Flood Outreach Toolkit

Government Assistance:

Flooding Relief/Resources for Farmers:
Nebraska and Iowa
Nebraska Farm Bureau
Farm Service Agency

Veterans Assistance:
Nebraska Veterans Aid Fund

University of Nebraska – Omaha: 
Campus Resources for Those Impacted
Emergency Assistance Fund for UNO Students, Employees Impacted

Iowa Disaster Relief:
Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance

Iowa Flooding, Verified Fundraisers, Flood-Donation Scam Warnings:
Iowa Flooding: Here’s How to Donate, Volunteer and Otherwise Help Victims in Iowa

Nebraska Disaster Relief:
Nebraska Strong

Nebraska Tax Relief:
IRS Information for Nebraska Victims

*List may not be all-inclusive and is not considered an endorsement. Contact your attorney and tax provider for disaster-recovery assistance.