Nebraska is at a critical juncture. It is time to build and implement an action plan to ensure our long-term economic vitality. Blueprint Nebraska will consider every facet that contributes to Nebraska’s ability to compete and prosper, attract economic development, enable innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a high quality of life and truly remarkable places. Together, we will drive Nebraska’s next era of growth and prosperity.

As we look to the next 150 years of Nebraska statehood, business, agriculture, community, state, and university leaders are coming together with a common cause: to help lead Nebraska to our next era of growth and prosperity.

Blueprint Nebraska will engage these leaders in a sustained effort to build and implement a plan to drive economic growth, increase competitiveness, and deliver opportunities for all to prosper.

Agriculture Banking & Finance
Community Vitality
Education Attainment
& Natural
Military & Veteran’s Affairs
Taxation & Incentives
Technology & Innovation

Over the next year, Blueprint Nebraska will conduct a statewide road tour. Representatives will visit approximately 30 sites, reaching every economic development region.

Feedback generated through outreach activities will help examine major milestones, economic development efforts currently underway, points of pride, economic assets, and visions for the future of our state.

Business leaders and subject matter experts from across the state will serve on approximately 15 Industry Councils tasked with conducting deeper analysis and recommending an action plan for their respective focus area to the Steering Committee. Consultants will be tasked with providing expert advice on paths forward.

Research is currently underway to synthesize existing bodies of work and provide a foundation for deeper research to come. Comparative research is being conducted to define our competitor states as well.

Blueprint Nebraska will be supported from the efforts of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Greater Omaha Chamber, and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. The University of Nebraska and the Nebraska Business Development Center will provide project management support. Blueprint Nebraska looks forward to engaging local chambers of commerce, economic developers, and community leaders to create an effort that represents all Nebraska.

From agriculture to manufacturing to high-tech, Nebraska’s diversity is a strength to be recognized and promoted. We will create a model that will engage all of our communities in a state-wide vision and plan that embraces the unique qualities found within our borders and carries us through the next centuries of our growth. By supporting an engaged, vibrant, and innovative educational system, we will prepare our youth for prosperous careers in fields known and unknown. We will develop sustainable, dynamic communities with diverse, and future-oriented economies to attract new ideas, skills, and cultures, while upholding the talents and virtues of those that have carried us through our first 150 years. With our frontier spirit and the collective efforts of our exceptional people and communities, we will build a dynamic and prosperous future for all Nebraskans.

Bryan Slone, Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry: ofybar@arpunzore.pbz