by David G. Brown, President and CEO, Greater Omaha Chamber

There are rights, and there are privileges – and, when it comes to the right to decide by vote, there are both.

Today, we have the unique opportunity to initiate change, support individual ideas and weigh in as a group on decisions that impact our community. Today, we vote.

Regardless of where you stand on issues, regardless of whom you support, we need your voice. We need your input. We need your vote.

The Greater Omaha Chamber applauds the democratic process, celebrates individuality and congratulates the change makers – those who boldly step forward to run and represent the many transformational ideas, intentional ways-of-seeing and fresh opportunities for inventing our future – all of which empower us to move forward, together.

With Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale predicting 28 percent voter turnout in today’s primaries, there’s room for everyone to be heard. Let’s exceed those numbers. Let’s work together to address the topics in need of a voice. Let’s be the reason we all advocate for making a difference, pushing for progress and advancing our community’s aspirations.

Let’s be the vote.