It’s part of our “We Don’t Coast” mindset – a foundational belief that philanthropy is embedded in our Midwestern DNA and that being other-focused is more than an occasional way to be, it’s a way of life.

On July 27, 2018, we have a tremendous opportunity to put that altruism into action and make a bold, collective impact. In celebration of our 125th birthday, we want to rally at least 125 Chamber member businesses to participate in 24 Hours of Impact, a three-year-old initiative that asks the question: What good can you do in one hour?

Here’s how it works: your company or organization “chooses exactly one hour to do as much good as it can. The type of good each group performs is up to you. Get creative or do something you love.” It’s that simple.

“We don’t have any onerous process or strict requirements. Parameters within which you have to operate are almost nil,” says Mosah Fernandez Goodman, a 24 Hours of Impact co-founder and one of 2015’s Ten Outstanding Young Omahans.

He and six other co-founders organized the initiative in 2015 while participating in our Leadership Omaha program. Mosah says joining 24 Hours of Impact is good business: “You take care of the community in which you operate, but you also have the opportunity for enhanced employee engagement because you’re able to harness their creativity and have a great and simple one-hour (at minimum) opportunity to give back.”

Projects run the gamut. The SecretPenguin team spent an hour delivering food and water to the homeless – by skateboard. HDR collected thousands of clean socks for the same population. Gavilon organized a Karaoke Hour, and ACCESSbank put sponge and soap to work during a fundraising carwash.

“It’s incredibly important to be a strong corporate citizen,” Mosah says. “It makes sense to do good. It’s easy to do good in this way.”

Step up and make an impact: The first 125 businesses to register will receive 10 free t-shirts (additional shirts available for purchase) to wear during the day. Don’t let time get away from you – sign up for 24 Hours of Impact today! Get ready to make some noise and show the world that in Omaha We Don’t Coast – we make an impact, together. #WeDontCoast #WeImpact

For registration and additional details, visit