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When You’re Sick of Candy, Try Potatoes

It's always fun to learn about holiday traditions that are not your own. What's even more exciting is finding recipes for holidays not typically thought of as culinary occasions. Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish eaten on Halloween. Its is delicious and festive....

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Conagra Brands Continues Kitchen Council Support

Another heaping helping of generosity is fortifying our collaborative Kitchen Council, the region’s largest incubator for food entrepreneurs. Project supporter Conagra Brands recently donated several pieces of professional-grade equipment, including...

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Food Photography for a Digital World

Recently, food producers, bloggers and food entrepreneurs gathered at Kitchen Council to learn food photography tips and tricks from two of the most exciting names in the Nebraska food scene, Angela Garbacz of Goldenrod Pastries (recently named one of the...

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Diet or Dessert?

The sisters of Primal Indulgence are on a mission to not make you choose. If you are like most of the population, when you hear paleo or gluten free, visions of sugar plums don’t exactly start dancing in your head. Lindsey Gobbett and Karen Costello, the...

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Meet the Maker: D’s Catering

“Everything I’ve wanted in life is happening.” – Duane Foster, owner, D’s Catering; inaugural Kitchen Council maker Duane Foster’s passion for cooking has been simmering ever since he was a teenager. He was inspired, he says, by the best: “My mother is the best cook...

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