If you have ever made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle or maybe lose a few pounds, you’ve likely realized the most crucial component: your eating habits. You probably also have battled with the time it takes to prepare a meal and have the right fixings at the right time. Thankfully, Viva Fit Kitchen founder Alejandra Valdez now has you covered with a variety of Mexican inspired meals to meet your health goals.

Alejandra is very comfortable in the kitchen, having grown up making various dishes, albeit not super healthy ones. However, things changed in her life four years ago when she decided to prioritize her health. She lost 70 pounds in just one year. She realized how impactful a holistic lifestyle could be on one’s health and wanted to help others. Alejandra knew that there was a high barrier to entry. It wasn’t only about finding the time to prepare healthy dishes but also knowing what ingredients and substitutions to use so your food still tasted appealing.


-The business has evolved from offering meals to friends to picking up a following of fitness-conscious foodies. Viva Fit’s menus are all created by consulting with a nutritionist, which is an add-on service that Alejandra hopes to offer down the line. Another goal for the brand: offering grab-and-go meals at local gyms. “I imagine having my own high tech fridge at various gyms where you could grab a meal, similar to a vending machine. And after that… wholesaling.”  Options are currently compatible with those who are looking to gain muscle or lose weight and can be purchased in package deals or subscriptions on a weekly or monthly basis. Alejandra is in talks with another individual who offers personal training services, building towards a full package for customers in need of holistic health planning.

Since Alejandra never planned to open a stand-alone brick and mortar space, COVID hasn’t affected business. She does more porch drop-offs now but can still manage to work around her current full-time job and rigorous training schedule. Her mother and sisters pitch in as well by helping to prep in the kitchen. Joining Kitchen Council has helped Alejandra “learn the ropes”. She had participated in several Kitchen Council events before signing up for a membership. She wanted to make sure she had the clientele and demand to warrant paying rent at a shared kitchen. Now, she’s all in, learning more about food safety, labeling and other startup topics as she takes advantage of the mentorship component incubators like Kitchen Council bake in.

Right down to the name (Viva Fit translates to live fit), Alejandra has considered all the tools necessary to truly make a lifestyle change. Whether you are just beginning to think about the intersection of food and fitness, or you have been following a dietary plan for years and just need more time back in your day, Viva Fit Kitchen can translate your goals into success. And you don’t need to stick to plain chicken and veggies to do it.

Written by Ashley Rae Turner. Photos provided by Viva Fit Kitchen.