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Experiencing the vibrant culture of small independent food businesses in New York City inspires me to play a more active role in the food renaissance of the Greater Omaha area. This community is full of talented people with great ideas and I’m excited to be part of Kitchen Council and the mission to turn those food ideas into reality.

Clare Watson Bartolomei joined the Kitchen Council Team back in September. An Omaha native, Clare recently returned after eight years in New York City. With a unique background in food service, international development and design (in that order), she brings extensive experience in program development and design thinking to the Kitchen Council. Clare is passionate about food, community and new ideas. She’ll miss the bagels and the subway, but is very happy to be back home! And, very excited to be working to strengthen the food community and support food business startups.

Her food profile: A fruit pie enthusiast who has never met a potato she doesn’t like and lives by the idea that everything is better with flake salt. She is in constant pursuit of fresh fava beans and seeks cooking inspiration at the farmer’s market.