There’s no denying it – Omaha’s winter is not for the weak. It’s not 70 and sunny every day. Our weather goes from 0–60 faster than your boss’s Porsche. And we like it that way.

We’ve come to the conclusion: The best way to endure it is to embrace it. Before cabin fever sets in, keep the winter blues at bay with these reminders of why the cold season might just not be the worst.

Snow covered everything = great photo opps.

?mark romesser
?: sarah hoffman / omaha world-herald
?: ryan soderlin/ omaha world-herald

Two words: snow day.

?: megan farmer / omaha world-herald
?: brendan sullivan / omaha world-herald
?: ken sievers / omaha world-herald
?: megan smith / omaha world-herald
?: ryan soderlin / omaha world-herald

So buck up and bundle up. We’re making the most out of the winter season.