What is your passion? Innovation? The arts? Community impact? Welcome to ‘where’ you can fully explore your ‘why’ – a region focused on ensuring everyone can celebrate possibility and realize their greatest potential.

Whether you stay here or move here, we want you to thrive here. Because when you succeed, we succeed. A community’s most prized assets, after all, are the people who help it grow and prosper – and our people are hard-working and well-educated, diverse and caring. Humble enough to know we’re not perfect, motivated enough to keep striving to be that much better.

The invitation is an energetic and open one – pursue your calling and grow your career right here. Seek out opportunities to impact at a startup, nonprofit or Fortune 500, or start the next one. (To those bold enough to push the bounds and realize their entrepreneurial dreams, we do more than applaud you, we support you through The Startup Collaborative, Kitchen Council, REACH, and other avenues.)

For those who categorize themselves as “creatives” – and we’d argue that should be all of us – know that you, too, are embraced and encouraged here. (If you’ve haven’t been to one of our monthly Creative Mornings gatherings, that’s an energy you have to experience. Everyone is welcome.) Our live stages, museums, galleries and collaboratives all celebrate and showcase the incredible gift of artistic creativity that’s rampant here. Contribute your talents to the scene or enrich yourself through enjoyment – your call.

Perhaps a key part of “you” is a passion for community service – doing your part, philanthropically, to elevate and enhance our region and those who live here. Maybe that looks like mentoring with Partnership 4 Kids, taking tickets at Film Streams, or volunteering with Inclusive Communities or Omaha’s groundbreaking Tri-Faith Initiative. Opportunities to engage abound and now, with this year’s launch of SHARE Omaha, it’s easier than ever to connect your desire to help with a need in our community. We raise each other up and help each other over – always have.

At the heart of who we are as a region is a diverse and vibrant collection of people – each with their own hopes, dreams and talents. Everyone who comes here to work hard and succeed makes our Greater Omaha even greater.

We Rank:

#7 /190 – Best American Cities to Work in Tech in 2018, SmartAsset, 2018

#7/ 100 – Cities where Millennials Make the Most Money, Credit Sesame, 2018

#7 / 25 – Top 25 most fun cities for new college grads where jobs are abundant and housing is affordable, Business Insider, 2018

#1 / 10 – Best Cities for College Grads to Start Their Careers in 2018, ZipRecruiter, 2018

#2 / 3 – Cities Millennials Should Consider for Optimal Careers, Yahoo Finance, 2018

#1 / 20 – The Best Metro Areas for Millennials in 2018 (Omaha & Council Bluffs), Realty Hop, 2018

#14 / 100 – Most Caring Cities in America, WalletHub, 2018

#5 /10 – 10 U.S. Cities Where Employees are the Happiest, Fortune, 2019

#20 / 100 – 2019 Top 100 Best Places to Live, Livability, 2019


Let’s make this a place where I get to be me and you get to be you.



Affordability: Lower Cost of Living. Higher Quality of Life.

Affordability: Lower Cost of Living. Higher Quality of Life.

Money isn’t everything – but it is something. And here, thanks to our lower cost of living, we can channel more of it into doing the things we love, saving for our kids’ educations, funding our retirements or supporting those charitable causes that are near and dear.

Education in Omaha – Transforming Incredible Potential

Education in Omaha – Transforming Incredible Potential

Transforming incredible potential into the power to impact lives, businesses and communities. Our award-winning network of public and private schools, colleges and universities excel at pushing our students to greater inside the classroom and beyond it, serving learners of all needs and abilities, preparing today’s young people to be tomorrow’s leaders – those equipped to develop new technology, collaborate on a big ideas and sit on community boards.

Real Life Scientist. Accidental Inventor.

Real Life Scientist. Accidental Inventor.

And just like that, something happens that can change your life and the lives of others forever… For Omaha’s James Hermsen, a carpenter by trade, it was that moment he stepped on and broke his glasses while helping a friend frame a straw-bale house. With a cordless drill in hand, he fixed his glasses and kept working. But, that was not the end of it.