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SmartAsset named Omaha the #1 – The Top 10 Best American Cities to Work in Tech in 2015 

Uncubed.com named Omaha one of the Top 13 Fastest Growing Tech Hubs in the U.S.  (2015)

How will you make your mark? App. development? Business intelligence? Cybersecurity?

Tech jobs are waiting. Go for IT – no coasting allowed!

We make more – and pay less.

Our cost of living is 9.7 percent below – and our median household income ($56,453) is more than 6 percent higher– than the national median.
Source: Applied Geographic Solutions 2013, U.S. Census Bureau 2013, Cost of Living Index Q3, 2014 

Growth of Industry

If you’re a techie working in Greater Omaha, you’re in good company. We have a great community of businesses that hire people like you, making sure that whenever you’re ready to move from one job to another, chances are you’ll be able to stay in the city you love.


Fiber Connections

Slow connectivity is a drag but Omaha’s got you covered. We have 1G internet service and thousands of miles of dark fiber just waiting to be used for whatever you build next.

In fact, we’re a hub for connectivity, with several fiber companies choosing Omaha to connect to other nearby hubs like the Twin Cities, Denver, Kansas City, Tulsa and Dallas.


Direct Flights from Omaha

In Omaha, we say “work smarter and play harder”. When you live in Omaha, you get to be a part of building great companies while living in a cool city that is much less expensive than the big towns. And when you want to take a trip to anywhere, you can use all that money you saved on rent to travel first-class.


Current Direct Flights:

Source: Omaha Airport Authority

Tech Wages


Right out of school in 2015, you can expect starting salaries between $40,000 and $65,000 depending on your specialty. Software Developers here start out at an average salary of $53,300 and first-year Network Architects earn an average of $64,600.

Tech Career Salaries


Opportunities await. Discover what openings a few of our top companies are hiring for:


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