We Are O.NE. Series. Let’s make this a place where I get to be me and you get to be you. Let’s make this a place where together, we are O.NE. Put your hands in the middle and share your story.

Communications. Food. Advancement. I run content marketing for Borsheims and communicating with our customers is my number one task. It spills over into my personal life as I sit on a number of boards both young professional and non-profit and one of the best ways to get our message out is through communications. Food is the thing I am super passionate about and if I ever stop to breathe for more than five minutes, I’m going to build back up my food blog ashleyraeeats.com. lol. Lastly, advancement because everything I choose to participate in is a cause or organization that I want to advance in some way. Whether that’s improving Omaha for Black YPs or destigmatizing mental health in my community.

Living in Omaha has created a sense of service within me.

Going from someone who could not wait to move away forever to someone who is trying very hard to have young women and men who look like me want to stay here because it’s a place worth being in has been really great. Omaha is small enough to really make an impact, even if it takes longer than one might like.

How do you make a difference in this community? 

A lot of the work I do involves young professionals both through the Chamber and the Urban League. The past year has been a turning point in the conversation about diversity and inclusion and I’m fortunate to be working with individuals who have a personal stake in improving this community, providing better opportunities and building a bigger table so that everyone gets a “seat” and is given the food they need to thrive, not just what decision makers think they need. I’ve met so many dynamic individuals who are doing so many incredible things and Omaha will be better for it if we listen to these changemakers more often.