Photo by: Debra Kaplan

In a time when people live on their screens, tablets and cell phones, SHARE Omaha seeks to bridge the gap between eager volunteers and local nonprofits.

An online tool that allows local community members to directly connect with area nonprofits, SHARE Omaha engages users by showcasing nonprofit needs awaiting volunteers and contributors of all ages.

With opportunities for more than 300 organizations, the SHARE Omaha platform is a multi-faceted tool designed to build community engagement.

Marjorie Maas, the first-ever executive director of SHARE Omaha, is championing her dynamic team of dedicated individuals after collecting years of experience within the nonprofit community.

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“College Possible was my first real fundraising job. It was hugely educational; it was wonderful to work with a national organization to understand national brand standards,” Maas says.

After working with College Possible, an opportunity at Blue Cross Blue Shield presented itself, and Marjorie assumed the director of corporate responsibility role for a three-year tenure.

Now, as SHARE Omaha’s executive director, Maas is putting her diverse skill set to work. “I call it a patchwork quilt, my career,” Maas says.

At the recent community launch of SHARE Omaha, Maas and her team were overwhelmed by the region’s support.

“My best surprise was when they scoped out the venue for our launch; we thought 50-75 people. We had to keep increasing the threshold. We were at 200 the day before and there were definitely more than 200 people there,” Maas says of the launch.

Sparking contagious energy throughout the nonprofit sector, SHARE Omaha’s maiden voyage is a demonstration of the community’s overall generosity.

“My kids came to the launch with my husband and my mom,” Maas says. “They’re so proud – they know their mom did something away from them that mattered and that there’s a different legacy for our family because I did this work. That feels really good.”

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Maas’ vision for SHARE Omaha is to capture the imagination of the entire community and break barriers between local organizations and people who want to get involved.

With a user-friendly online portal, SHARE Omaha invites individuals, families, corporate groups and everyone in between to make their mark.

No matter how large or small, the impact is, “all good,” Maas says. “Whatever challenges or obstacles there are, everybody wants this to go well, which can’t be said about everywhere. It’s not for a bottom line or making more things, it’s about doing something greater.”

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