No question, everyday life can deplete the vital forces that keep us energized. Thanks to a multitude of unique ways to get in touch with your inner yogi and practice meditation throughout the Omaha metro, mind-body-spirit refueling is just a breath away.

The Nebraska Zen Center

Offering meditation and mindfulness classes for over forty years, The Nebraska Zen Center is a refuge for practitioners at the Heartland Temple. Dosho Port, who teaches guided meditation, says the practice sets the mind up for a great day by creating a clear headspace. The Center also offers silent meditation sessions which fosters inner peace, focus and calm.

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Honey Creek Creamery

Goat and sheep yoga offers four-legged therapy for well-adjusted bipeds. Honey Creek Creamery, located in the Loess Hills of southwest Iowa, offers opportunities for yogis to connect with nature and de-stress in the company of kids and lambs. This blend of nature, yoga and animal therapy has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleeping habits, increase memory and mobility and even enhances healing after life-threatening illnesses.

The Center for Mindful Living

Another unique venue for finding your inner Zen is the Center for Mindful Living, which offers mindfulness classes for multiple skill levels. Dr. Louisa Foster, a psychologist, began practicing mindfulness herself in 1996 during her training. Today, she uses mindfulness with her patients, but stressed, “you really have to have your own practice; this is something that’s a way of life. It’s a discipline that you engage in daily to truly reap the benefits from it.”

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Lotus House of Yoga

Lotus House of Yoga offers many different forms of yoga. Yoyo Ma, an instructor, explains that the studio offers classes such as Yin Yoga, Hot Power Yoga and even Restorative Yoga. Designed in various routines, each class encourages individuals to honor their bodies and maintain a pace that is appropriate for your skill level. Unlike group fitness classes at a gym, yoga encourages individuals to focus inwards rather than try to compete or outpace fellow classmates.

Salt and Spa

Halotherapy, or dry Salt Therapy, has gained attention as a natural, drug-free way of enhancing health and wellness. Salt and Spa of Omaha offers these healing benefits in the form of their Salt Room, mimicking the effects of being close to the ocean or a salt mine. Adorned with lounge chairs, soothing music and dimmed lighting, the Salt Room even has a separate play area for kids so that parents can enjoy their practice in peace while soaking in the benefits of Himalayan salt. 


Offered all throughout the metro, this challenging form of yoga encourages the individual mind body connection, but it also demands mindfulness from every participant, whether they are the base, flyer or spotter. Incorporating acrobatics and partners into each pose, acro-yogis must maintain their focus in turn with their safety. However, this fun form of exercise is a great way to build strength, mental clarity and form new friendships along the way.

Acro Yoga Omaha is perfect for people of all ages, genders, bodies and backgrounds to come together and play! Check out their Facebook page for more details on class and meeting times.


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We Rank – People

We Rank – People

What’s your passion? Innovation? The arts? Community impact? Welcome to ‘where’ you can fully explore your ‘why’ – a region focused on ensuring everyone can celebrate possibility and realize their greatest potential.

Affordability: Lower Cost of Living. Higher Quality of Life.

Affordability: Lower Cost of Living. Higher Quality of Life.

Money isn’t everything – but it is something. And here, thanks to our lower cost of living, we can channel more of it into doing the things we love, saving for our kids’ educations, funding our retirements or supporting those charitable causes that are near and dear.

Education in Omaha – Transforming Incredible Potential

Education in Omaha – Transforming Incredible Potential

Transforming incredible potential into the power to impact lives, businesses and communities. Our award-winning network of public and private schools, colleges and universities excel at pushing our students to greater inside the classroom and beyond it, serving learners of all needs and abilities, preparing today’s young people to be tomorrow’s leaders – those equipped to develop new technology, collaborate on a big ideas and sit on community boards.

Your Medal Is Waiting

Your Medal Is Waiting

How did Dr. Seuss phrase it? “We run for fun in the hot, hot sun.” – and, we might add, the warmth of spring and the crisp of fall…

Saddle up for Cycling, Socializing & Scenery

Saddle up for Cycling, Socializing & Scenery

Soak up the journey – and the destination – by giving the wildly-popular Taco Ride a spin! It’s the world’s longest-running and largest weekly bike ride, a cherished Thursday night tradition that combines cycling, socializing and some great local scenery.