The same old night out? That’s just not our taste. Chart your course through a few of our Greater Omaha foodie favorites. Excerpt from 2017 We Don’t Coast magazine:

“We’re trying to create a dining experience in Omaha and the Blackstone District that is unique in itself. You can come in and have different styles of food and one-of-a-kind craft cocktails, enjoy the ambiance and a great level of service.”Matt Carper, co-owner, Stirnella

Two restaurant industry veterans. A joint venture in the burgeoning Blackstone District. It’s a recipe for success for Stirnella Bar & Kitchen, a “refined gastropub” that takes locally-sourced ingredients on a world tour. The dinner menu hopscotches from France (chicken liver pate) to Germany (spätzle) to the southeastern United States (shrimp & grits). The Wagyu Beef burgers and the ribeye are unmistakably Nebraska.

Photo by Brandon Sullivan

“We source as much as we can locally and hand-craft it. The same goes for our bar program,” says general manager Matt Carper who owns the concept with Chef Matt Moser.

Even the restaurant’s name was locally-sourced; a play on the genus – sturnella – of the meadowlark, Nebraska’s state bird.

Before checking out Stirnella’s menu, be sure to check out its décor. That’s local too. Artist Andrea Stein created the attention-grabbing, animal-inspired oil paintings.

“Kids love looking at them. Adults take pictures of them all the time,” Carper says.

Photo by Brandon Sullivan