Whether it’s analyzing competitive data or planning the future direction of the company, RTG Medical has always made decisions strategically. So when business leaders were deciding the best ways to positively impact and give back to the community in 2016, they were equally strategic.

Enter RTG Medical’s Community Partnership Program.

“Company leaders conducted an internal survey asking staff what’s really important to them. This way, leadership could learn where staff members wanted company donations to go and help them learn about opportunities to volunteer in the community,” said Veronica Barrientos, marketing and brand ambassador for RTG Medical, a medical staffing agency focused on contracting travel and permanent health care professionals in nursing, radiology, therapy and laboratory in all 50 states.

“They learned that staff have certain areas they are interested in and passionate about, so we established the Community Partnership Program to give staff members opportunities to give back in a variety of personal ways.”


The 2015 survey revealed that employees wanted to support organizations that serve youth, pets and veterans – the latter a group especially meaningful to company president/CEO Charlie Janssen, a U.S. Navy and First Gulf War veteran. Among those three categories, several organizations were chosen to be part of RTG’s Community Partnership Program. Special Olympics Nebraska and Fremont teams; Fremont Family YMCA; Nebraska Humane Society and Dodge County Humane Society; and Wreaths Across America were identified as causes employees had a strong interest in supporting – financially and as volunteers.

“Many of our employees sit on nonprofit boards and volunteer, so the desire to give back is strong at RTG Medical,” Barrientos said. “It was really just a matter of thinking strategically about how to do something as a group to help several organizations.”

“In being more mindful and organized, RTG Medical staff members have made great contributions in Fremont – where its headquarters are located – and Metro Omaha, in excess of $30,000 in the year alone,” she said.

In addition to gifts of money and volunteer hours, staff also took great pride in providing sponsored, matching jerseys for Special Olympics athletes in Fremont to wear during competitions.


The gesture was so successful and well-received that RTG Medical employees learned athletes wore their new jerseys for several days following a basketball tournament earlier this year.

“It’s when you hear stories like that – or interact and engage with the people or animals being impacted – that you truly begin to realize how much giving back helps,” Barrientos said.

To learn more about, and better understand, the impact of their gifts on these organizations, RTG Medical revamped a tradition last November by hosting the RTG Annual Day of Thanks at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in La Vista.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, representatives from nonprofits were invited to enjoy a full-course holiday meal with staff members and explain opportunities to give or volunteer with their organizations. RTG staff members were able to learn how their gifts could help the organizations in the coming year.

Barrientos said an added bonus to the Community Partnership Program has materialized that few in the company saw coming.

Despite the company’s continued growth, the program has unified employees in a way that other company events and gatherings haven’t.

“Working together to help others has brought our staff together and created strong bonds as they’ve learned more about one another,” Barrientos said. “Over half of them volunteered to help organizations over the past year, and that has definitely made us a stronger, more unified team and company.”