“I wanted to join PromiseShip because I align with the values, vision and mission of the organization. I believe it’s important to help families and communities become strong, whole, healthy and happy. Helping to lift others up and being the force that assists others to be the best they can be is something I’m dedicated to. I have an opportunity to impact those areas at a great organization – PromiseShip.” 

– Viv Ewing, Ph.D., Vice President of Administrative Services, PromiseShip

Our Omaha community is infinitely stronger because of the hundreds of nonprofits parlaying tight budgets and tireless effort into positive impact. For 10 years now, PromiseShip has been working to elevate our region – by helping families be families.

“If you have a strengthened family, then you’re going to have a strengthened neighborhood and when you have a strengthened neighborhood, you’re going to have a strengthened block and from there, you have a strengthened community,” says Viv Ewing, Ph.D., PromiseShip’s Vice President of Administrative Services.

Flowing from a legislative push to privatize child welfare statewide, Boys TownChild Saving InstituteHeartland Family ServiceNebraska Family Support Network and Omni Inventive Care came together in 2009 to form PromiseShip (formerly Nebraska Families Collaborative).

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The nonprofit, which is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA), contracts with the Department of Health and Human Services to manage child welfare cases in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. Backed by 360 employees and a corps of community partners, PromiseShip provides child wellbeing, family preservation, foster care, adoption and safety services to more than 5,000 at-risk children and families each year.

“We’re in the family business,” Dr. Ewing says.

“We want to wrap our arms around these families and advocate for them and to provide services they need. We want families to succeed. We want families to be families. We want them to be safe, thrive and grow. “

She continues, “We continuously provide services (including parenting classes, respite care and counseling through its provider network) to help the family become reunited and stable. If a parent needs a job, we’ll help with resumes and finding job leads or helping them to get on the right track to find housing.”

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If a family has been separated, PromiseShip works toward reunification, coordinating foster care or kinship care (where a child stays with a relative) in the meantime. It prioritizes keeping siblings together and helps youth who are aging out of foster care find housing and jobs, explore education options and manage their finances. In cases where reunification isn’t possible, PromiseShip leverages its adoption services to help children find “forever families.”

“I look at an organization based on its impact on families and the community. PromiseShip is a perfect place for me,” Dr. Ewing says. She joined PromiseShip three years ago. Her responsibilities span human resources, training and development, grant writing, administrative services, and communications.

“I get a lot of personal satisfaction because I know I am making a difference in the lives of our families and our team that works at PromiseShip,” Dr. Ewing says.

“We work really hard to do what’s right for our families. We remove barriers and advocate for our families.”

It all adds up to a decade-worth of community-strengthening impact: “We have families tell us PromiseShip made the positive difference in their lives, kept our family together in tough times, that PromiseShip helped their family get back on the right track and stay on the right track.”

Staying “on the right track” means equipping others to accomplish more, together. Thanks to PromiseShip’s efforts, more families in Greater Omaha are succeeding – another reason why “We Don’t Coast. We Inspire.”


Omaha (n.) [Umon’hon]: Those going against the wind or current.


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