Everyone in our region deserves access to prosperity.

That’s why the Greater Omaha Chamber launched Prosper Omaha, its latest five-year economic development campaign – and why Prosper Omaha included a brand and image initiative. To continue driving growth of our strong, diverse economy, we knew we needed to increase visibility and awareness of our region.

Inspired by these goals and committed to creating a new brand, the Chamber spent more than a year (2013-2014) reviewing other community branding processes. Ours, we determined, had to be locally driven and inclusive – we wanted it to be “the community’s brand.”

The Research Phase November 2013 – March 2014

To gauge perceptions of the region, we did our research, conducting a comprehensive scan of:

  • Data gathered from community or organizational surveys/market research about Omaha’s perceived strengths and weaknesses, including visitor perceptions
  • General demographic data published about the region
  • Media coverage

We also solicited community and stakeholder input:

  • Interviewing 42 stakeholders and elected officials
  • Gathering public input from a survey of over 600 individuals
  • Conducting moodboard exercises with more than 150 people – including key stakeholders and our Young Professionals Board – across the six county region to help find consensus and commonality about a regional brand and sub-brands. The end result assisted us in visual direction and the conversations had gave us conceptual direction.

Design Charrette April 29-30, 2014

16 artists from 15 creative agencies
Engaging in an intellectual sprint.
One collaborative effort.
One clear mission.
Two days to reach the finish line.
On your mark.
Get set.

To jumpstart development of the brand, our Creative Task Force participated in an intensive two-day design charrette that tapped each individual’s area of expertise – brand strategy and research, visual design or copy writing. Brand concepts were rotated among small groups to ensure group-wide ownership of each concept.

Experts from the Marketing Task Force and Agency Leaders Group were brought in to provide important input as well. By the end of the charrette, one concept emerged as the strongest, most effective brand story for the Omaha region.

Presenting & Refining May – August 2014

A successful charrette behind us, it was time to start introducing “We Don’t Coast” to stakeholders and partners across the six counties. We presented the concept on multiple occasions, gathered feedback, worked to build support and discussed potential uses. All this while the Creative Task Force continued to build out the brand itself — refining the look and the brand and sub-brand stories, preparing to generate a little intrigue…

Photos: Presentation photos

The Roll Out July – August 2014

Without announcement or fanfare, “We Don’t Coast” started quietly showing up in July on street corners and other public places throughout the region.

Our stealthy campaign was part of a community-wide, grassroots approach to rolling out the brand. Working with our partners, we created multiple opportunities for seeds of excitement to take root and grow organically. We flew under the radar – and it was pretty fun…

The campaign officially launched August 6, 2014.

Next Steps

Now, we let it live!

A strategy is in place to that will allow our authentic brand and corresponding brand story to serve its purpose across the region: telling the community’s story; positively communicating its character and quality of life; helping to grow, retain and attract business and talent on a national scale to the region.

The more communities, organizations and individuals that support and utilize the new brand, the louder our voice – and the positive message it spreads – becomes.

We hope you’ll join us in sharing our story — through your organization, in your community, and across the country.

Use the Brand

This is our time.
This is our story.
We Don’t Coast.