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Omaha native Timothy Christian dabbles in fantasy – a necessary part of the job for a busy, genre-spanning movie producer. But he’s serious about the potential reality of making Nebraska and Omaha true players in the film industry.

“Nebraska is a place where we have almost any landscape you could want, which tells me that no matter what kind of film you’re doing, there’s probably a way you can shoot it here,” Christian says.

Omaha born and raised, Christian heads Night Fox Entertainment, an Omaha-based finance and production company with a growing filmography and packed production schedule. Night Fox released CIA-thrilled “Against the Clock” in mid-January. Its second feature, the horror story “Wilding,” premiered at South by Southwest in 2018. Post-apocalyptic “Z for Zachariah” debuted at Sundance three years earlier.

“We don’t want to tell a story that you’ve heard a million times. We want to figure out a way to tell stories that are unique and will resonate,” Christian says. “At the end of the day, a good story is going to drive everything else.”

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Timothy Christian presenting at CreativeMornings/Omaha. Watch »
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Night Fox’s latest – a mystery-horror film called “Stoker Hills” – is now in post-production. It stars Omaha’s John Beasley and horror movie legend Tony Todd (“Candyman”).

Night Fox will follow that project with “Airport,” a survive-the-night thriller involving a group of passengers on layover.

Also in development, “The Magician,” which details the rise, fall and rise of Omaha native and Super Bowl champion Marlin Briscoe, the first African-American starting quarterback in modern pro football history. Christian is serving as a producer, along with lead producers John Beasley, Terry Hanna and Dave Clark of West Omaha Films.

“We want to make Nebraska a film capital and raise its profile in order to attract top-tier talent – not just film talent but entrepreneurs, technology folks and business people. Night Fox can be at the forefront of this push.”

Timothy Christian presented on the topic of Producing to about 200 high school kids at the Omaha Film Festival.
Timothy Christian with Academy Award winning Director of Photography, Mauro Fiore and actor John Beasley at a Night Fox Entertainment event.
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