Robb Hiatt is all about the facilitation of fitness in Omaha. When he’s not managing one of our local The Bike Rack bike shops and assisting cyclists, he and his wife, Becky, are leading a “weekly movement” they founded – the Scriptown Running Club.

“One of the coolest things is that there is this really solid core group of people who’ve been there since day one,” Robb says.

The Hiatts moved to Omaha from Longmont, Colorado, a few years ago and brought with them great memories of running weekly with a club and then hanging out at a local brewery for the “cooldown.” Keen on bringing the concept to Omaha, the Hiatts, who live near the Blackstone Neighborhood, reached out to nearby Scriptown Brewing Company about partnering up.

“They said, ‘Heck yeah, why not? Let’s get it going,’” Robb says. “So, March 3, 2016, was our first run. There were maybe nine or 10 of us, and it’s gone every Thursday since (with the exception of Thanksgiving). It’s been consistent all these years.”

Consistent – and consistently growing. The group now stands at approx. 40-50 regulars – with as many as 80 on occasion. Everyone is welcome.

“If you want to walk, that’s cool. If you want to run a five-minute mile, that’s cool. We don’t care as long as you’re getting out there and having fun, that’s the biggest thing. We have some families with kids. We’re one of them. We have a two-year-old we push in the stroller,” Robb says.

“We try to be as un-intimidating as possible.”

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Participants take off from Scriptown Brewing Company around 6 p.m. on Thursday evenings. They run or walk ‘out’ for 15-20 minutes, utilizing the Field Club Trail, turn around and then come back those 15-20 minutes. Exercising for a time goal versus a mile goal ensures that everyone, no matter their pace, can finish and hit the patio at Scriptown Brewing Company together.

“If it’s a nice night, you’ll see the back patio packed with sweaty people,” Robb says.

“A lot of the people who come have built friendships with everyone else and they’ll chat. They’ll even bring some non-running friends to hang out after the run, too.”

Among those who’ve built great friendships through the club? Founders Robb and Becky.

“When we moved to Omaha, we didn’t know a ton of people, but now, we know hundreds,” Robb says.

“It’s been super fun to meet all these great people that share and pursue interests that we have: running, generally being active, and heck, beer.”

If you want to stay in the Scriptown Running Club loop, check out the group’s Facebook page for details, special events and pictures.   

“Newcomers will ask how this all started, and I say, ‘Man, I sent an email to the owners and that’s about it.’ And now, it’s become this. You know that’s all it takes, a little bit of action and some follow through – that’s it.”


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