This Was not One of Those Days…

Kim Sellmeyer, Creative Director, Greater Omaha Chamber

We all have those days – heavy workloads that leave little room for inspiration. This was not one of those days.

Let me set the stage for you: I’d received a call from Steven Cortez, a high school teacher at Blue Valley Southwest in Kansas City, asking if I might be interested in hosting his marketing/broadcast class (Wolfbyte TV) for a video production assignment in Omaha. 

…Um, yeah…

Steven has done this before – taking his classes to different communities to get real-world working experience by producing marketing videos for actual clients. When he asked his students where they wanted to go this year, they chose Omaha.

Even better, I was able to time their visit to coincide with CAREEROCKIT, the Chamber’s inaugural student/career experiences week (April 1-8) where over 12,000 of our local student’s were also having career experiences in the business community.

I worked on giving the students a ‘We Don’t Coast’ experience by prepping seven locations and creative briefs for direction. The students were on a very aggressive timeline. They would shoot for 2-3 hours in the morning and then edit for 2-4 hours that afternoon.

Photos left to right: Gritty City Video Group with Kim Sellmeyer, Dodge Street Video Group with Steve Gordan and BCycle Video Group with SecretPenguin. 

When they returned to the Chamber, raw footage in hand, they were buzzing with excitement and after two rounds of edits, they had completed files – clever, creative, real. As we recapped what they learned, three things stuck out to me:

  • The father/chaperone, originally from Omaha, who said how much our city has changed since he lived here 26 years ago
  • The student, previously a die-hard solo editor, who learned new techniques and otherwise discovered what a benefit it was to collaborate with her classmates
  • All of us learning how surprisingly good Ethan looked wrapped from head-to-toe in wax paper

I’m so proud of the work those students did and of their teacher caring so much and having the courage to haul 22 kids (his “munchkins”) to a different city so they could become a marketing production crew for a day. No small task…

I recently received a note from Steven saying the kids were still flying high from their time here. Me too.

Collaboration. Creativity. A glimpse into the potential of tomorrow’s workforce. It was truly a ‘no coasting’ kind of day.

Special thank you to all of the people and businesses that helped make this a great experience for our visitors.

Coldstone Creamery
Ben Turner with BCycle
Derek Pressnall with the Icky Blossoms
The Durham Museum
Fairfield Hotel
Hot Shops Art Center
Make Believe Studios
Midtown Crossing
Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium
RDQLUS Creative
Ugly Duck


Want to see the videos the students produced?
Hot Shops Art Center
 | Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium | Make Believe Studios | Midtown Crossing | Downtown on BCycles | Dodge Street | The Durham’s Gritty City Tour


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