Excerpt from 2017 We Don’t Coast magazine. Photos by Michelle Bazis and Ben Bazis.

For my husband and me, loving where we live starts with loving how we live.

Actively. Enthusiastically.

On any given day, you can find us riding mountain and dirt bikes with our friends on local tracks and trails, including those at Tranquility Park in Omaha. Our daily adventures aren’t exclusive to land. Omaha is also loaded with options for watersports like wakeboarding, wake surfing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

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I’ll admit, after living in Florida for a few years, I had mixed feelings about moving back to the Midwest. The beach, palm trees and year-round warmth had me a bit jaded. Fortunately, my return home also came with a new perspective. In Florida, Ben had introduced me to wakeboarding and surfing, mountain biking and motocross – and exposed me to a whole new way of living.

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With an appetite for those new experiences, moving back revealed how little I really knew about my hometown. In the short time I was away, it felt like Omaha had transformed as much as I had – not as buttoned-down as I remembered but a place fully capable of pumping the adrenaline and being as exciting as we want it to be.