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Dwayne Hosey is a heavy-hitter in our community; a former major league baseball player who is developing and inspiring a new generation of MVPs – not with a strict target on winning but on playing with heart, honor and self-confidence.

“My philosophy is to get these kids to believe in who they are, to believe that their gifts are enough and that they can accomplish anything,” he says. “You have to have the right work ethic, be persistent and laser-focused. When you get them mentally tough and they believe in who they are, they’ll run through walls for you; they’ll play hard.”

Dwayne runs Hosey Baseball Training Center, a venture he launched in Omaha in 2015. He connected with our city during a smash 1994 season with the Omaha Royals: 27 home runs, 80 RBIs, 27 stolen bases, and 95 runs scored + American Association MVP status.

“I loved the people when I was in Omaha. I had great numbers and a great fan base,” he says. “We have major league baseball down the street in Kansas City; we have Triple-A baseball. And, we love the school system.”

A native of Pasadena, California, Dwayne initially dreamed of playing professional football. In junior college, he tried out for the baseball team on a whim. He says he “barely” made the roster – but made a big impression after that.

“I could hit; I was very competitive,” he says. “I realized baseball was a great sport. I was learning it and understood it. Baseball become my love.”

Scouts took notice of Dwayne’s passion and play. He was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 1987. From there, he spent most of his career playing minor league ball with the Oakland AthleticsMilwaukee BrewersKansas City Royals and Boston Red Sox. After that incredible 1994 season – his best minor league season ever – he made his major league debut with the Red Sox, playing a total of 52 games from 1995-1996. Dwayne’s career later took him to Japan and Canada (where his wife, Bronwyn, is from) and back to the U.S. He retired after the 2002 season with the Bridgeport (CT) Bluefish.

“Baseball has always been a ministry for me, a platform to meet people and to speak life to people, and teach and train them,” Dwayne says.

After moving to Omaha with his family in 2003 (he and Bronwyn have three children), Dwayne served as a hitting instructor and coach, proficiencies that morphed into Hosey’s Training Center. The focus there is on complete player development and authentic coaching.

“The energy has to be right here. My energy has to be right. The kids feel your heart. They know if you’re real or if you’re fake,” he says. “When I’m talking to them, they know that love is real and I’m here for them and I want them to get better.”

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In addition to offering individual and team training, the center also sponsors “Hosey’s Heroes” select baseball teams. Dwayne says the title came naturally – the young players are his heroes: “I look at these kids, and I smile when I see what they accomplish … I believe these kids will be heroes in people’s lives one day if they are taught right and develop properly.”

To learn more about Hosey Baseball Training Center: www.hoseybaseball.com.

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