It’s a motto to live by: “big help for the small guy;” Danell Taylor and Small Guy Promotions have been doing just that since August of 2013.

Like any good story, Small Guy Productions has a dramatic origin. With no prior business-ownership experience, Taylor was spurred into action after suddenly losing his father in 2012.

Time passed, and Taylor continued running into friends and acquaintances from high school, slowly collecting a massive heap of business cards. “I was looking at all of these business cards,” he says, “I started thinking, ‘how could I help?’”

Beginning his professional networking experience with mom-and-pop restaurants in Bellevue, Taylor established a local foodie group, selecting a different restaurant each month to help boost business.

“That’s my mission now. I want to be the one to help those that can use the boost,” says Taylor.

After accepting the opportunity to help coordinate a concert at the Hope Center, he officially launched Small Guy Promotions.

With a flair for playful marketing with a dynamic personality, Taylor has since served the community by coordinating with musicians, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, small business owners and creatives of all kinds to gain greater exposure.

Living a philosophy of spreading positivity and partnership, Small Guy Promotions succeeds in its mission every day by filling the gaps for local organizations.

Recently, Taylor worked with Omaha Virtual Reality, which moved from their location at Westroads to Benson. To gain exposure, he connected the group with local videographers, as well as the Boys and Girls Club, to coordinate the filming of testimonials to greater spread the word about virtual reality.

“People know about virtual reality, but they don’t know about virtual reality,” says Taylor. “It was a perfect connection.” Overall, says Taylor, “I want to have more connections than an operator at a phone company.”

By helping local businesses broaden their audience, Small Guy Promotions seeks to boost the overall appeal of the Omaha community.

Taylor says, “I always talk about the water level of ships. When the water level rises, the ships all rise with it.”

In fact, Taylor believes so much in the power of giving back that he walks the walk just as much as he talks the talk. Not only does he work to connect volunteer organizations; he personally contributes himself. Each year Taylor rings the bell for the Salvation Army with his daughters, whom he wants to encourage to give back as well. “I want them to know that it’s not just about ‘me.’ It’s about ‘us,’” he says. Even if it is a small act of kindness, any drop of water will make a ripple in the pond.

To spread awareness about current topics and entrepreneurs, Taylor conducts “What’s Up Omaha Interviews,” with local business owners and leaders which can be found on his website at

“If you’re struggling, reach out for help,” Taylor says, because people in the Omaha community are always willing to help someone in need, adding “you never know how far your reach will go, or how impactful you can be.”

Photos: Jimmy Conover Photography