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I think as an entrepreneur there’s so much learning as you go. If you wait until you think you have all the answers, you will literally never get started. – Stefanie Monge

Stefanie Monge isn’t one of those people who thinks about talking about the possibility of doing something bold someday. Instead, she ignites the fuse of her dreams with action. Exhibit A: That time she sold just about everything she owned, bought a plane ticket to Australia and stopped being a wannabe world traveler.

“I felt undecided about what I was going to do next so I gave myself time to explore and made my way to Asia. I did yoga training in India and became a certified yoga teacher, and then moved to England,” she says.

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Stefanie boomeranged back to Omaha toward the end of 2012. Recognizing the local rise of corporate wellness programs, she channeled her authentic yoga training into her own business, Welcor Enterprise Yoga.

“I teach on-site yoga and mindfulness in a way that is accessible and practical and helps people be more productive,” Stefanie says.

Amplify the output of others is a key driver for the serial entrepreneur and past president of FemCity Omaha, an entrepreneurial women’s group. Stefanie founded the Think Start Do Women’s Conference in 2016 and years before that, launched Stefanie Monge Consulting to mentor and help fellow entrepreneurs succeed: “Besides raising funds, the thing you have to have is grit and the ability to keep going.”


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