The Greater Omaha Chamber marketing team is on the move – experiencing the sights, sounds, creativity and tastes that typify our region. We’re exploring our community and encourage you to check out these Greater Omaha gems – because best-kept secrets are best uncovered.

Built over 114 years ago, the Joslyn Castle was home to Omaha’s first millionaires, George and Sarah Joslyn. This Scottish-style home was constructed at a price tag of $250,000 ($6 million in modern-day dollars) and from start to finish only took 11 months to complete – an impressive rate given the grandiose details and design.

The Rooms: A total of 35 – each featuring a different type of wood, some of which are now extinct. The wall sconces and chandelier are dipped in 24K gold and the original dining room table is still on display.

The Music Room: A later addition to the home, The Joslyn’s hosted concerts and plays as a way to entertain the people of their community and to foster their love for arts & culture. The beautiful stained glass window was designed to mimic the landscape of West Omaha – a view Sarah much enjoyed.

The Basement: Also known as, George’s “man cave”. It is joked that this is where Omaha really began – inviting all the who’s who in the town to rub elbows with.

The Garden: Complete with a large greenhouse, lily pond, flower beds and birdhouses, plans for the garden were outlined and built before the Castle. The lavish grounds featured 20+ types of trees and a prized orchid collection with over 1600 varietals. It is also home to the state’s oldest Oak tree.

Today, The Joslyn Castle honors George and Sarah’s legacy by serving as a cultural events center, keeping its history alive in a modern day society. The castle is attracting the next generation by opening its doors to a plethora of events that go beyond historical tours, such as:

  • Joslyn Castle Car Cruise – an antique car show featuring original and concourse classic cars, roadsters, resto-mods and supercars.
  • Murder Mystery Dinners – a mystery ‘Who Dun’ It” dinner
  • Masquerade at the Castle – an enchanted evening of music, dancing, treats and potions.
  • Unlocked all-access tours – an all-access, behind the scenes look of the Castle
  • 120th Anniversary of the Summer Fete – a summer evening celebration under the stars on the castle grounds complete with dining, lawn games, live music and dancing.

George and Sarah loved having live performances and meetings at this home, so it’s exciting to see the tradition carried on to the next generation of Omahans. Check out The Castle’s full list of events and help continue to honor The Joslyn’s legacy.