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60 Minutes to Crack the Codes

If you have never heard of an escape game before, allow me to explain. Picture a life-size video game, such as “The Experiment: Escape Room.” Now, think about getting out, real time.

An escape game consists of escaping a room in a limited time (usually 60 minutes) and is typically played in groups of several people. Players look for clues scattered in a room, then link them to advance in the enigma.

The goal is usually to get out of the room, but it can also be to solve a more global problem, such as a murder or locating a treasure. Some escape games are built around a story, while others offer a succession of logic games disconnected from each other.

The goal is to listen to each other and work as a team to, well, escape. At Get Out: Omaha, players are given three free clues before starting, and clues can be used throughout the escape experience.

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The Rooms

Get Out: Omaha offers a host of experiences. Here’s how their website describes the choices:

  • Room 13: You have no recollection of checking in. Mysteriously, you can’t leave. As panic sets in, the hotel’s cozy façade begins to crumble, and the sinister motive lurking behind your imprisonment is unmasked. Embedded in the cracks between past and present, voices guide you to freedom.
  • Y2K: Your New Year’s Eve party is going to come to a sudden end when the Y2K bug takes down computer networks around the world…unless you can reset the system before the clock strikes midnight!
  • Civil War: You and your fellow soldiers have been captured and placed in an enemy bunker. You receive word that there is a way out, but you only have an hour before your captors return from a scouting tour. Act fast, or it’s taps for you!
  • The Gambler: A wrecked reputation and the destruction of a life’s work is imminent. Hidden in the shadow of the wrecking ball lies the truth to save the beloved Oceanside Casino. Can you find the key to stop the destruction or will you, too, remain trapped under the rubble?

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Our Experience

When we arrived, we were given the instructions by Kyrii. He explained the scenario and all the information we would need to escape the room. Kyrii helped us in enjoying our team bonding. His enthusiasm was extraordinary. As soon as we walked into the room, we were curious and believed all objects were somewhat a clue to escape the room.

We spent a few minutes trying to come up with a plan and how to interpret the objects and how they could help us escape. We had a great time going back in the 90s, trying to reset the system before the clock strikes midnight. Unfortunately, our team couldn’t reset the system and escape the room in time. Kyrii came in the room, explained to us the two missing steps we couldn’t do and then we left the room, a little bit down to not being able to solve the game.

Get Out: Omaha is now offering a Team Lab that connects its top-rated experiences with professional coaching. It helps to understand your team’s communication patterns and environment.

Whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette party, work retreat or anything in between – we had a memorable experience at Get Out: Omaha! 

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