Felius Cat Café has quickly become a haven for cat lovers and their feline friends.

Bre Phelan, owner, is intentional about ensuring all guests (furry or not) are comfortable and well-cared-for during their stay.

One of the greatest perks of visiting the cat café is every one of Felius’ cats are available for adoption. To date, Phelan said, “we’re just at about 100 adoptions, and we’re almost done with our first year. That was our goal.” Partnering with Wags to Riches, their on-site veterinarian visits the café weekly to do wellness checks on each of the cats to make sure everyone is thriving in their environment.

Felius is also proud to feature food and beverages from local venues including Mug Life, The Tea Smith, and of course, Wag. “Collaboration is key,” Phelan said. “We also partner with other local businesses like the Bubbly Tart for all of our pastries,” and even works from Omaha artists can be found for purchase. Their common thread, Phelan said, is, “businesses that are making a difference in the community.”

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An unexpected benefit of visiting the cat café is the therapeutic environment it fosters. A community of cat-lovers has begun to grow through the café because it gives them the opportunity to socialize with people like themselves.

“On a busy afternoon, you’ll see strangers bonding over their pets or bonding over their desire to get cats,” said Phelan. Felius is not just about fostering cats to their forever homes; it is about facilitating human connections as well.

For those looking to make a difference in their community, Felius is always eager for more volunteers to help the café answering guests’ questions, cleaning litter boxes, or simply promoting in-house events.

Currently, Phelan is in the process of soliciting donations to create Nebraska’s first mobile cat café to provide feline therapy for schools and even retirement homes! However, their primary objective will always be to find forever homes for cats.

Considering adoption? Rescue cats make the best pets, according to Phelan, because, “rescue cats tend to have this quirky personality. They’ve usually lived a harder life. They have more gratitude when you take them in.” Not only is adoption making a difference in one animal’s life; it gives another the chance to enter the shelter and find their own forever home, too. If adoption isn’t on your horizon, Felius now offers monthly memberships at $35 for unlimited 30- or 60-minute cuddle sessions! Like Phelan says, “it’s the best gym membership you’ve ever had!” To purchase your monthly membership or learn more about Felius, visit www.felius.org.

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