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Driven By Technology

Friends and family told him he was going to break his brand-new car – or worse, get himself killed. But, Brevan Jorgenson did it anyway, converting his 2016 Honda Civic into one of Nebraska’s first self-driving cars. That’s how the recent University of Nebraska Omaha grad rolls.

Create. Meaning. Together.

Creativity is better together, and RDG Planning & Design (RDG) takes talent to the next level, as architects, landscape architects, engineers, graphic artists and urban planners with a passion for design and a drive to make a difference.

Overachiever and Overcomer

Overachiever and overcomer, 28-year-old Lydia was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) in January 2001. CF is a progressive and rare genetic disease.”

The Playlist: Our top 10 Jazz Joints

From the early 1920s, Omaha has been home to a vibrant jazz and blues scene with notable venues like The Dreamland Ballroom and The Red Lion shining the spotlight on big names such as Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington.

Rare Air: Asian Highlands Makes Immersive Experience Real

The adventure continues at Omaha’s own, award-winning Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Asian Highlands, set to open May 17, the zoo’s newest addition, allowing visitors a whole new way to explore the foothills of the Himalayas and meet the animals that...

Ride on: An Up-Close Look at Steeds of all Sizes

Walk into the CHI Health Center Omaha in downtown Omaha for The Burlington Capital International Omaha horse show, the familiar smell of hay, the competitive excitement in the air and the sound of children laughing instantly washes over the senses. This year, the International Horse Show jumped into a whole new era to include new vendors, beautifully designed florals and an array of educational stations for children of all ages to learn the ins-and-outs of horses.

SOS in Space

“I love the fact that all these new advances are coming from the state of Nebraska and specifically from Omaha." What Astronauts Do When Injured on the International Space Station Perhaps it is the exposure, isolation, or other factors living in the...

The Candyman of Cass County

You’ve seen them all over the world, and they’re made right here in the Heartland: Baker’s Chocolate Meltaways are a classic Nebraska staple.With spring nearly in full swing, Todd Baker, CEO of Baker’s Candies, is preparing for the second-quarter holiday...

A Bold Dream Fulfilled

Chasing lofty goals. Always focusing on the finish, even in the face of incredible odds. Our community is filled with people who embody that “We Don’t Coast”-mindset – none more than Shannon Haines, M.D., and her 12-year-old daughter, Kaylee.

Blazing Omaha’s Trails Together for Four Decades

Four Decades of Running Together Make Active Group of Senior Athletes Some of Midwest’s Most Supportive. You’ll know them if you see them: 13 men, mostly in their 70s, lapping Omaha’s Zorinsky Lake. They’re The Running Men, and their group has been on the road together for more than 40 years.

Field Trip Friday: Great Plains Black History Museum

History belongs to everyone, and, our heartland heritage is paved with passionate people imparting change. Enter the Great Plains Black History Museum, the region’s premier preservationists celebrating African American’s accomplishments across the middle U.S.

Omaha: There’s No Place Like Home for Singles

The region was named one of Insurify’s Best Cities for Singles. Award recipients were determined by an analysis of single populations, economic benefits and dating opportunities in cities across the country.

Sweet Dreams

Longtime baker Michelle Kaiser assumed her friends were pulling a prank. She had, after all, made no secret of her dream of appearing on national TV. Turns out, the person on the other end of the line really was from the Food Network, recruiting her to compete on season four of Spring Baking Championship.

Discovering your potential. At any stage of the game.

To his students, Herb “Herbie” Thompson is a Professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha specializing in Communications while finishing his Ph.D. in Leadership. To the Omaha community, he is much more. Born in England, where his mother grew up, his...

Mentors Matter

Mentors matter, and Dr. Janice Garnett lives to demonstrate empowering others is a gift well-given. “I really want to help people grow and develop,” she says. “If I can be a small part of that, then I know I’ve made a difference.” Dr. Garnett is a strong...