Imagine if we all tried to not coast.
If we all did a little, think how much better we would all be.
Let’s make it a place where we lift others up and help others over.
A place where We Don’t Coast.

Excerpt from 2016 We Don’t Coast magazine:
Photo: Courtesy of QLI

Don’t tell Josh Jackson to coast. At only 18, the New Mexico-based sprint car driver slows down for nothing. He’s a relentless talent as determined as ever to make it to the national scene of stock car racing.

In August 2015, a future at full throttle collided with a moment of terror – a violent, high-speed crash mid-race that nearly took Jackson’s life, fracturing his skull, causing traumatic brain injury that impaired his vision, speech, and cognitive and physical abilities.

Jackson arrived at QLI in early 2016, where rehabilitation helped him regain the skills necessary to not only accomplish everyday tasks but return to his life-defining passion. After months of intensive therapy, QLI got Jackson back on track – this time, in a race to rebuild his life.

Partnering with local Joe’s Karting, QLI’s expert clinical team transformed Jackson’s zeal for racing into a platform for recovery. QLI customized racetracks for him, creating exciting new ways to target his most critical therapy goals. Each lap around the course motivated this drive to recover. Each lap signaled his astounding potential to rise above hardship. Racing helped him set the pace for a life beyond injury.

Jackson, who has since returned to New Mexico to manage his own race team, says,

“The best therapy is the kind that gets you back to what you love.”

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