It’s a simple equation: having an educated, capable workforce equals a local economy (and community) better positioned to thrive.

That’s why the Greater Omaha Chamber is so committed to working with area schools, universities and private training providers to:

  • Ensure a quality workforce through development and training initiatives
  • Connect business and educators to build relationships and understanding
  • Advocate for public policy initiatives that lead to more effective educational institutions and leadership

This emphasis begins with our youngest residents — infants and children — and continues through grade and high school. 

Quality Choice in Education

During those formative years, parents want quality choice in education. Greater Omaha passes the test. 

More than 139,000 children are enrolled in our award-winning system of public and private schools – more than 300 facilities spanning eight counties. We're also fortunate to have an array of public and private institutes of higher learning dedicated to preparing students for a competitive and dynamic world. 

View list of Greater Omaha school systems and secondary institutions >> 

Want to study up on Greater Omaha’s educational environment? 

  • Building Bright Futures - A coalition of business, civic and political leaders dedicated to improving academic performance, raising graduation rates and ensuring that all students are prepared for post-secondary education.
  • The Avenue Scholars Foundation - A program designed to support students of need through high school, college, and into the workforce



Want more?

The Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership website provides data and more information about education initiatives in Greater Omaha.

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