You know the pace of disruption is at an all-time high. Customer expectation are on the rise. Within the corporate fiefdom, it is tricky to spot opportunities for innovation. And, once you’ve identified opportunities worth exploring it may seem like there are a thousand reasons to not carry forward. Through The Startup Collaborative, your team can quickly identify and assess market opportunities that have potential to add new revenue streams or product lines.

It All Starts With a Problem Worth Solving

Leading with the customer segments you serve and know well, The Startup Collaborative helps your team better articulate the day-to-day of your customer, the pain points that make their jobs harder and the success that make them a hero in their workplace. We don’t lead with solutions. Just a much deeper empathy for your customers’ role and needs. From that point, innovation can start to take shape!


Our “Problem Spotting Workshops” generate several potential problems worth solving for your customer! At the end of the workshop, you will have identified several processes and painpoints – that if a solution existed – could make their jobs easier, better, more profitable, faster, etc. As a group, we will use those goals as a litmus to determine which of the Problems are worth pursuing first.


At The Startup Collaborative, we put your team’s assumptions to the market to prove the need! Working through TSC’s methodology, you will quickly and efficiently determine if a problem and your proposed solution have found product-market fit… all before your expel too much time or capital! Our goal is to de-risk each intrapreneurial pursuit, so you can gauge when it is time to double down on a concept or merely walk away.

Seeking (future) Fintech Founders

We are revealing several financial services market opportunities for great founders to build companies around.

These proven market problems — all with adjacency to the financial services industry — have been validated through customer discovery with hundreds of potential users motivated to find a solution.

If you are interested, apply to become a Fintech Fellow. Applications open November 8. Sign up to be alerted when applications are live here.