The Startup Collaborative is a pre-seed investment fund that radically improves the odds of success for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who aim to build a high-growth, software-centric companies in the Midwest.  Our company-building methodology helps founders start up, quickly find product-market fit and tackle the early challenges of scale in a way that increases the odds of success and buys down all potential risks associated with starting up and innovation.


As soon as you spot a problem or process that could be improved through technology, The Startup Collaborative supports all stages of business development from finding initial product-market fit to working through the challenges of early scale.


Through The Startup Collaborative, your corporate team can quickly identify and assess market opportunities that have potential to add new revenue streams or product lines. We can help you explore innovation from within, creation of a skunk works team or partnerships with startups.


Get to know the earliest stage companies coming up in the Midwest. Follow their progress on our microblog. There are lots of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to celebrate and back! Don’t miss out.